Promising 9/11 News from St. Louis Media Reform Conference

Building Bridges to a New Media

Several 9/11 activists attended with the goal of distributing 600 DVDs and audio CDs of the David Ray Griffin lecture at the University of Wisconsin which was broadcast on C-Span in April 30th and May 8th. Along with the broad array of alternative media folks who received these, we were able to give them to almost every media celebrity. In the process we had many excellent conversations with people who were aware of David Ray Griffin's work as well as others who knew of the many anomalies of the official explanation and were beginning to realize the magnitude of the scandal. I spoke to a man who was an Air Force vet who said they had the ability to track all flights 35 years ago! He knew there was no credible explanation for the failure of our air defenses so he was open to hearing the rest of the evidence. Overall, the receptiveness was very positive.
Let's face it, most people are either uninformed about the official deception of 9/11 or somewhere in the process of discovering the multitude of unanswered questions and examining the evidence which reveals the biggest lie of the century.

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Congrats, you're making good

Congrats, you're making good progress on your web site. I do hope, though, that you take my suggestion to have glitzy magazine-ready .pdf articles prepared for the 'Top 15' subjects.