Upcoming National Geographic Mini-Series on 9/11

`Inside 9/11` tracks terrorist attacks

The National Geographic Channel will air "Inside 9/11," a four-hour mini-series on the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

Currently in production, "Inside 9/11" premieres Aug. 21 and Aug. 22, at 9 p.m. EDT.

The mini-series follows the footsteps of the terrorists as they formulated their plans, infiltrated the U.S. and executed their suicide missions. Tracing the timeline that led up to the deadly attacks, "Inside 9/11" deconstructs the events of that fateful day, tracking the movements of all four terrorist teams and patching together the government response.

The series draws from many sources, including newly-declassified documents from the Sept. 11 Commission investigation, over 60 original interviews with experts, whistleblowers, investigators and survivors -- some speaking out for the first time -- eyewitness materials including footage culled from a rarely seen 400-hour archive and chilling audio recordings from the doomed planes and inside air traffic control.

NGC US examines the events of 9/11

While this isn't exactly 'alternative' 9/11 news, it is something worth noting. I am sure that those who are still examining 9/11 will want to check it out to see if anything new can be gleaned from the mini-series as well as if what is covered is factually accurate.

Hopefully they will at least avoid continuing to use the identities of several hijackers who are still alive, something even the 9/11 Commission didn't bother mentioning. It should be pretty easy to at least say the identities of those involved is still unknown right?

does anyone actually get

does anyone actually get this channel?

a while back i had seen a website service that would record a station and host it for you to download.. ill have to see if that site still exists.. cant get the national geographic tv chanel here.

I can't imagine this

I can't imagine this mini-series will actually do anything but help cement the official story in the sheeple's minds. I would be very surprised if NGC tackled the unanswered questions or interviewed people like David Ray Griffin.

OT, the site looks great -- keep up the good work -- I get a lot out of your coverage and links. I especially enjoyed today's piece from Garlic and Grass. I was unaware of that publication and find it an excellent resource.

I mostly agree with Kit

I mostly agree with Kit Watkins. However, reasoning by analogy with various additional "revelations" about the Kennedy assassination which somehow did not change the official conclusion, I guessed that they would supply some new information, but not enough to change anybody's mind about the "Oops Theory".

I'm sure it will be nothing

I'm sure it will be nothing about inconsistancies or remaining questions, but more like a drama-documentary.

Thanks for the kind words :) Hopefully this site will serve as a mouth piece for articles like that and for sites that talk about 9/11, we need those sources to know people are paying attention.