The difference between Sibel Edmonds' case and the Downing Street Memos

The difference between Sibel Edmonds' case and the Downing Street Memos

Ms. Edmonds once had the pleasure of mainstream media attention in 2002, when she claimed that the FBI translation program was penetrated by a Turkish organization that deliberately mistranslated documents related to 9–11, but her story was lost down our collective memory mole once the drums for the Iraq war started to beat.

Then Edmonds reappeared in early 2004 with a vengeance, claiming that her lawsuit against the FBI for wrongful termination was being suppressed to protect high-level U.S. officials from criminal prosecution around the 9–11 attacks. However, this time, the major media outlets paid her much less attention than they had in 2002, with most mainline reporting on her case revolving around the Bush administration's extraordinary attempts to keep her testimony in the Motley-Rice lawsuit of the 9–11 families suppressed. Neither The New York Times nor the Washington Post nor any other major news outlet asked the obvious question, "What is the government trying to hide?"
After all, what could be more important than revelations that, if made public, would make Karl Rove's leak of a CIA operative's name look like a minor 'drip' by comparison? What could be more damning than the charges Edmonds has made?

The charges are as follows:

  • Certain "semi-legit organizations" operating inside the United States facilitated the 9–11 attacks through money laundering and narcotics trafficking activities on behalf of the terrorists (one of these Organizations has been revealed to be the Brent Scowcroft-led American Turkish Council).
  • These Organizations have ties to powerful people in the U.S. government
  • Targets of the FBI investigations of these Organizations were deliberately allowed to leave the country months after 9–11, a la the Bin Laden family airlift.

Combining the above facts with the knowledge that it is the Bush administration that has been leading a frontal assault on Ms. Edmonds might lead one to conclude that Sibel Edmonds has evidence that would lead to the impeachment and removal of office of the Bush/Cheney team. And there is quite reason to think this is so.

Definately worth the read, go check out why it is that Sibel Edmonds' can't get the support received by the Downing Street Memo. Here is a hint:

this scandal, like the BCCI affair of the early 1990s, appears to be bipartisan in nature.

thanks to Gold for the heads up, and be sure to check out Sibel Edmonds' site at

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