David Ray Griffin on Inside Scoop - Audio Download

Inside Scoop - David Ray Griffin Interview (MP3 Audio - 12mb)

The interview was very short, and as such very little could be covered. What amazed me was the callers who called in who sounded like everyday Americans who were aware of all of the holes in the official story of 9/11. Unfortunately the pentagon took up a large part of the time. Unfortunate only in that the pentagon crash is such a small part of the story of 9/11.

All in all the interview was great, and yours truly managed to get on as the next to last caller to ramble for about 40 seconds :) I also got in a plug for flight77.info as well.

The download above is in .ASF format, so you will need Windows Media Player, I will be sure to post an MP3 version to this topic in the near future.

EDIT: Changed link to reference Inside Scoop's MP3 recording