David Ray Griffin Interview Reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone that David Ray Griffin will be on a radio interview here in about 15 minutes.

Here are the details again:
David Ray Griffin Radio Interview on July 13th

It runs from 7-8pm EST.

Yesterday's mention

doug, i completely agree..


i completely agree.. it would take days to cover just a part of the things surrounding 9/11.. hell, ive rambled on for hours before about 9/11 with friends myself without repeating anything twice.. even his hour and a half long speech on CSPAN was rushed and just a summary..

good stuff though!

Having called the show I

Having called the show I found that the Inside Scoop had way too many commercials to host a guest on an issue of such importance. Dr Griffin has done a great job in his books, I can only suggest everyone read them.

i got in! w00t! i got the

i got in! w00t!

i got the audio of it too, im uploading it now.