The DC Emergency Truth Convergence - Full Speaker List

UQ Wire: The DC Emergency Truth Convergence

DC LAUNCH: JULY 22~24, 2005: An unprecedented event series joining the power of veteran/victim groups, key truth movements and the indie media to halt the deadly coup now underway and launch a thousand Paul Reveres.

Everything we need to succeed - we now have:
- The facts and evidence of betrayal from truth movement researchers
- The support of respected leaders across the political spectrum
- A nationwide communications network in independent media
- Enduring inspiration from whistleblowers, veterans & victim families
- A country gradually waking up to the desperate need for truth

All that's missing is a shared strategy
- Come to DC and help create it....


"War on Freedom" author Nafeez Ahmed***
Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik
Colonel Robert Bowman***
John Brunes*** of Iraq Veterans Against the War
Steve Cobble of
Dr. David Ray Griffin***
Jim Hoffman of
Rep. Charles Key*** of the Oklahoma City Bombing Commission
CIA veteran Ray McGovern***
Depleted Uranium authority Leuren Moret***
Gael Murphy*** of Code Pink
Jenna Orkin*** of WTC Environmental Organization
Don Paul
Peter Phillips*** of Project Censored
"Weapons of Mass Deception" producer Danny Schechter***
"Terror Timeline" author Paul Thompson***
Celeste Zappala*** of Gold Star Families for Peace
"Great Conspiracy" producer, Barrie Zwicker

and many more.

This is quite a star studded list, please help spread around information for this event. It would be nice if other more mainstream blogs would advertise for this meetup as well.

Be sure to visit for further information.