9/11 Truth Art Contest Judging Update From Carol Brouillet

I just got this email from Carol Brouillet about the status of the 9/11 Truth Art Contest put together by Carol and sf911truth.org. I hope she won't mind me sharing it.

If you aren't familiar with Carol she was one of the organizers and creators of the deception dollar and runs her blog Questioning the War on Terror. She was also a major organizer of the 1st International Citizens Inquiry into 9/11 which can be viewed here.

Anyways, here is her update about the judging of the contest, as well as the upcoming Truth Emergency Convergence:

Dear Judges, Artists, Webmasters, Sponsors,

I would like to thank you all for your participation and support in the 9-11 Truth for Peace and Justice Art Contest. Sponsors were wonderfully generous with prizes; we did the best we could to publicize our "Call for Art," but we did have some technical difficulties with our website. We extended the entry deadline to July 1st. We didn't feel that we had enough prize money for a 9-11 Truth Video contest, and expected entries in the form of art and images, but we were happily surprised to receive Flash Movies and songs, as well, although we haven't been able to post all of the entries, yet - especially the more complex ones. We had to limit posting entries on our website to those which focused on 9-11.

I truly hoped that we would be able to announce winners on July 11th and send out all the prizes by now. Unfortunately, computer problems have plagued the webmaster of the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance website, as well as the webmaster/artist that I rely upon the most, Blaine Machan (the Deception Dollar artist). We were rescued by the great 9-11 website wizard- Jan Hoyer (http://digitalstyledesigns.com/) who has posted many of the 9-11 photos, videos, banners on a number of 9-11 sites and has been doing critical work for the upcoming DC Emergency Truth Convergence http://www.truthemergency.us/ (July 22nd- 24th) that will take place this weekend. I had hoped the art could be used for the event, and at the rallies/actions at the White House, and could be displayed at the conference, but because all the judges haven't seen all the entries; all of them haven't been able to judge the contest, so we cannot yet announce winners, nor send out prizes. Gabriel Day, of the Peace Resource Project, is one of the primary sponsors, but he has also been one of the main organizers for DC, and we just haven't had enough time to overcome all the organizing obstacles that we have had to face.

Jan has posted most of the entries at http://www.sf911truth.org/Art%20Contest2/SFContest/index.html, but she won't be able to post all of them until after the DC events. I also posted a few, in more detail, along with an article, at my website- http://www.communitycurrency.org/Judge.html. We will have to get all the entries up, announce winners, and get the prizes out in August. (I'm leaving tomorrow on a family trip and won't be back until August 2nd.)

Fortunately, we have plenty of opportunity to make good use of the art, before our events in September- in videos, dvds, posters, pamphlets, flyers, articles, and other projects.

I hope that Representative Cynthia McKinney's 9-11 Congressional briefings this Friday and the upcoming conference and actions, together with the pressure of the Downing Street Memo, the Karl Rove leak, and a shift in the tide, will help to surface more of the truth about 9-11.. (At the National Conference on Media Reform in St. Louis last May where 2500 media activists gathered... We did pass out thousands of Deception Dollars, and hundreds of the flyers on the art contest, and hundreds of DVDs and CDs of David Ray Griffin's excellent talk on The American Empire and 9-11 that appeared on C-Span ). The 9-11 Truth Movement is growing!

I thank all of you, again, for your participation, support, as well as - understanding, forgiveness at our change of timetable again, and send our appreciation for all of your efforts for truth, peace and justice.

Carol Brouillet