Fund Raising for 'Truth Emergency Convergence' Blogads Advertisements

I have grown frustrated at the lack of coverage of the 9/11 Congressional Hearing and D.C. Truth Emergency by the major blogs..

I went ahead and submitted the following ad to in the hopes to bring some much needed attention to these upcoming events.

D.C. Emergency Truth

Rep. McKinney and Grijalva
present: The 9/11
Commission Report One
Year Later: Did They Get It

Other Speakers:
Steve Cobble
Dr. David Ray Griffin ('The
New Pearl Harbor')
Ray McGovern (CIA Vet)
Leuren Moret (D.U. Expert)
John Brunes (Iraq Vets
Against the War)

The ad links to With any luck the ad should be up in the morning. I have also updated my fund raising section to show what it would cost to run another such ad on I am hopeful that if a few readers donate $5 or so that we might be able to pick up another ad for this upcoming event.

Please donate, and please help spread the word about these upcoming events.

Special thanks to those who donated over the last 2 weeks, I hope the money was well used with this ad.