Fund Raising for 'Truth Emergency Convergence' Blogads Advertisements - Day 2

This is a follow-up to my post last night about raising money to place ads for the upcoming and 9/11 Congressional Briefing being held this weekend.

I have purchased another ad tonight for $75, this one will be on Unfortunately the ad I placed last night has not yet been approved since the owner of the site was out of town today for his birthday (what timing eh?). Both ads are up now.

Please donate via the paypal donation button on the left panel, you don't need a paypal address, just a credit card, and every dollar helps. Thanks to those who have already given, and thanks to those who are helping to spread the word of these events!

Former Vietnam Combat and

Former Vietnam Combat and Commercial Pilot Firm Believer 9/11 Was Inside Government Job

There was no fooling former Air Force and commercial pilot Russ Wittenberg the morning of 9/11. He knew it was an inside job from the get-go, knowing the ‘big boys’ were up to the same dirty tricks they played in the Kennedy assassination and Pearl Harbor.

The government may have fooled millions of Americans with its cockamamie official story, but the former fighter pilot who flew over 100 combat missions in Vietnam and who sat for 35 years in the cockpit for Pan Am and United, wasn’t one of them.

Now, almost four years later, Wittenberg is still shaking his head in disbelief more than ever, saying the country he loved and fought so bravely 40 years ago has fallen in the deep, dark and sinister hands of fascist leaders who are quickly turning America into a military state.


I hope someone, like

I hope someone, like perhaps, will ensure the event is videod and made available on the internets. Last I heard CSPAN wouldn't be covering this, and the MSM is a lost cause of course.