Further Details on Upcoming National Geographic 9/11 Mini-Series

There are a few new details on the upcoming National Geographic 4 hour mini-series I had mentioned last week.

A long view of 9/11

National Geographic Channel will examine the events before, during and after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, in an upcoming four-hour series.

But unlike the numerous documentary series and reams of press and government reports that have come before, "Inside 9/11," takes a long view.

Specifically, the program takes to task the government's bipartisan "9/11 Commission Report," which former CIA senior intelligence analyst Michael Scheuer called "a farce."

Scheuer, who was among members of the intelligence community to testify in front of the commission, said that the report "disastrously scapegoated the intelligence community for 9/11."

Scheuer's testimony was not included in the report.

"My officers ... afforded [the American] government 10 opportunities to kill [Osama] bin Laden in '98 and '99. Did we warn people [in government]? Excruciatingly."

"The documentary," he continued, "will show that it has some respect for the American people. It doesn't tell them how to think, as the 9/11 Commission did and as Michael Moore did in his movie ['Fahrenheit 9/11']."