Morning Open Thread

Post anything I've missed, might not be until this afternoon that I can update..

btw, did anyone hear Paul Thompson on Air America this morning?

they just posted this

they just posted this morning's interview with Pault Thompson and the rest of the 'morning sedition' show in their archive here:

Paul Thompson segment begins

Paul Thompson segment begins about 56 minutes in. People should be paying a lot more attention to what he uncovers. Fascinating stuff regarding the London bombers. Much more...

was just about to post the

was just about to post the start time myself, thanks :)

man.. too bad it was only a

man.. too bad it was only a 12 minute interview.. at least he got in a plug for and the 9/11 congressional briefing this weekend.

I edited down a version of

I edited down a version of this interview here:

But it might not hurt to download the full copy from AA as well, in order to show support for Thompson.

cullhavoc, thanks for the


thanks for the link, i added it to the initial thread on his interview.. also added you to the blogroll.


dz, you're quite welcome.

dz, you're quite welcome. Nice catch to you, I first heard of it here.

And thank you for the blogroll link :)

Also, heads up..

Indira Singh on Guns & Butter today, Part II of her Ptech report. I recorded 90% of it, but waiting for g&b to post the full. If anyone is in a rush to hear the semi-complete version, feel free to email me.


doh! cant beleive i missed

doh! cant beleive i missed that! i definately want to hear what Indira has to say.

email me if you get it complete, or once it is posted.

Paul is among those whose

Paul is among those whose web sites promulgate a terrible 9/11 untruth. says that it was "impossible" for Bush to have seen the 'plane' fly into the 1st tower on TV before he entered that Florida classroom, as our fearless leader has repeatedly claimed.

This faulty conclusion has been allowed to stand, unchallenged, at so many sites, for so long, that people are starting to believe it. It's becoming "conventional wisdom" among 9/11 truthers. Yet Paul has zero evidence to support his site's contention.

So, it's challenge time:

If you can prove to me that Bush's statement was impossible, and therefore a lie, I'll give you $500.$500reward.shtml

here's a video clip of the

here's a video clip of the emperor lying about seeing the first plane hit on the tv outside the classroom:

blimp, i think paul is


i think paul is making his comments in the context that it would have been impossible according to the official story.. i dont think he is saying it is impossible in the real world, obviously it is at least feasible..

i dunno, i just dont think it is worth attacking, or being upset, with people who say bush was lying, because he was, either way you look at it.