New Articles on Flight 93 in the Wake of Upcoming Discovery Channel 'Recreation'

It has been widely reported that the Discovery Channel will be airing a documentary on Flight 93 which crashed in Shanksville, PA on 9/11. You can find a bunch of articles on the upcoming show which will air on 9/11 this year. Here is one for example.

In any event, a few articles have been posted today about Flight 93, so here is a quick rundown:

Catching the FBI in a Big Fat Lie

This article focuses on what direction the wind was blowing in relation to the crash pictures as well as in which direction the debris was found 2 and 8 miles away.

FLIGHT 93 SHOT DOWN - Eyewitness Reports at Odds With Official Scenario

INDIAN LAKE, Pennsylvania - Eyewitness testimonies have generally been excluded from the official version of 9-11. In the Shanksville area, where many residents believe Flight 93 was shot down, there are scores of eyewitnesses whose testimonies contradict the government’s claim that courageous passengers fought hijackers, forcing the jetliner to crash rather than be flown into a building.

Some local residents here are deeply offended by the official explanation of what supposedly happened to United Airlines Flight 93, calling it a patriotic pack of lies.
"It came right over me, I reckon just 40 or 50 feet above my mini-van," she recalled. "It was so low I ducked instinctively. It was traveling real fast, but hardly made any sound.

"Then it disappeared behind some trees. A few seconds later I heard this great explosion and saw this fireball rise up over the trees, so I figured the jet had crashed. The ground really shook. So I dialed 911 and told them what happened.

"I’d heard nothing about the other attacks and it was only when I got home and saw the TV that I realized it wasn’t the white jet, but Flight 93.

"I didn’t think much more about it until the authorities started to say there had been no other plane. The plane I saw was heading right to the point where Flight 93 crashed and must have been there at the very moment it came down.

"There’s no way I imagined this plane - it was so low it was virtually on top of me. It was white with no markings but it was definitely military, it just had that look.

There are a lot of interesting eyewitness accounts surrounding Flight 93 including calls placed from the plane before it crashed. It may be worth reading up on if you haven't before through sites like

Here is another interesting quote from this news article just for good measure:

"We got the call about 9:58 this morning from a male passenger stating that he was locked in the bathroom of United Flight 93 traveling from Newark to San Francisco, and they were being hijacked," said Glenn Cramer, a 911 supervisor.

"We confirmed that with him several times and we asked him to repeat what he said. He was very distraught. He said he believed the plane was going down. He did hear some sort of an explosion and saw white smoke coming from the plane, but he didn't know where.

"And then we lost contact with him."