NY911Truth Drops First Hints About 9/11/2005 Activities

ny911truth.org has dropped their first hints about activities to take place this September 11th. While their are no details posted yet, I do find the idea of picketing in front of the New York Times very alluring.

Personally I have resolved to spend 9/11 in NY to take part in the memorial service, and I am very very weary of any protesters or activists disrupting this memorial. My plans had been to take place in the memorial and then head straight to D.C. to take part in any 9/11 related activities there. With this new information from ny911truth.org I can see how a protest can take place in N.Y. without disgracing any memorial services which might be going on.

I will be curious to see what ends up being organized for this 9/11. I am somewhat frustrated that their has not been the level of planning that I had hoped for. Personally I would like to see another 9/11 panel and a massive push for it to be covered by CSPAN and the media.

What are your plans for this 9/11?