Interview with Immortal Technique

Thug Immortal - Agitprop rapper Immortal Technique demands to be heard.

"I don't think Bush did it, because he isn't that smart," he insists, referring to the 2001 attacks. "He's just a stupid puppet taking orders on a cell phone. I think that while individuals on both sides of the political spectrum view conspiracy theory about 9/11 as ludicrous, I think it is obvious that the government that is in place now -- that didn't even want to have a 9/11 commission -- isn't telling us the truth about 9/11. And they're not telling us the truth -- not because they want to protect the public or for national security reasons. They're not telling us the truth because they want to protect themselves from either their own belligerent incompetence or their involvement with terrorist groups that they have had in the past."

If you aren't familiar with Immortal Technique and his comments on 9/11 check out the 9/11 Related Music Special Feature and have a listen.