Indira Singh, PTECH Researcher, Interview from Guns and Butter is hosting the 2nd part of their interview with Indira Singh, PTECH researcher. Here is a link to Indira's bio.

Indira Singh - Interview Part 1 Stream (MP3)
Indira Singh - Interview Part 2 Stream (MP3)

Here is a quick fact on PTECH for those unfamiliar:

The White House, Treasury Department (Secret Service), CIA, FBI, both houses of Congress, Air Force, Navy, Department of Energy, IRS, Booze Allen Hamilton, IBM, Enron and even NATO all used, and as of this writing, some still use Ptech software.

If you are unfamiliar with PTECH, and how it ties to 9/11, here is an article to get you up to speed:
"I Made a Promise" - The Journey of a Wall Street Whistleblower