9/11 Congressional Hearing Being Rebroadcast

dc.indymedia.org will be re-broadcasting the "Congressional Briefing: The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - A Citizens' Response - Did They Get It Right?" tomorrow morning.

It will start at 10AM EST and can be streamed here.

Please make an mp3 of this -

Please make an mp3 of this - cause dem streamin things they aint a-workin!

BTW: When is this stuff gonna show on C-Span? Ever?

As for you (and me) taking

As for you (and me) taking issue with the "conspiracy theory" label, there's a very good article on the TV News Lies site with the title "They Are Not 'Conspiracy Theories'
They Are, in Fact, 'Discoveries'":


... which, in a nutshell, comes to the following conclusion:

1. Those who opt to disclose new discoveries must clearly separate the theoretical elements of their presentation from the information they disclose.

2. Those to whom information is presented must deal with their personal unwillingness to hear new facts.  They must become more receptive to new evidence and avoid dismissing verifiable evidence simply because the ramifications are distressing or difficult to conceive.

As for point 1 I'd say you're already doing an excellent job. Your site has become one of the top five one-stop news sources on the subject in almost no time. I'm recommending it wherever I get a chance. :-)

Also a good read on the TV News Lies site is one called "Why Americans Refuse to Believe the 9/11 Evidence":


Good food for thought. :-)

Dan R, who's proud to be a conspiracy theorist. :-P

cspan will be covering the

cspan will be covering the conference in august supposively.. feel free to contact them.

as for the tvnewslies article, i will be posting it soon.