Schedule of Tommorrow's Workshop at American University

There are some interesting 9/11 related workshops tommorrow in D.C. at American University. Here is a quick listing, check out the link above for more details.

Physics, Common Sense & the Collapse of the WTC Towers
Led by Jim Hoffman of et al.

Bootstrapping Criminal Investigations of Unsolved 9/11 Crimes with Attorney General Complaints and Fraud Charges against the 9/11 Commission
Led by 9/11 researcher Nicholas Levis and New York attorney Robert Stone, Esq.

The Anthrax Attacks - Forgotten & Unsolved? What the public-domain evidence has been telling us since 2001
Led by NY 9/11 Truth researcher and author, Nick Levis

DU Lies, Toxic Cover-ups & Hidden Body Counts
Led by Depleted Uranium authority, Dr. Leuren Moret, Jenna Orkin of WTC Environmental Organization, et al.

Teaching Truth: Constructing and Deconstructing the 'Official Story'
Led by Brian Sacks of Academics for 9/11 Truth

Disarming God's Soldiers: Interfaith 9/11 Activism
Led by Kevin Barrett, Coordinator, MUJCA-NET (Muslim, Jewish and Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth), et al.

The Pentagon Attack and 9/11 Attack-Mirroring Wargames: Official Story Distortions, Omissions and Cover up
Led by Barbara Honegger, M.S. Military Investigative Journalist, Former White House Analyst, and author of "The October Surprise"