Truth Emergency - Updates from the Ground

Just got word from Jonathan Gold on the events going on today in D.C. as part of the D.C. Emergency Truth Convergence.

He said he was given a free copy of David Ray Griffin's The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions signed by Griffin, Ray McGovern, and Paul Thompson.

He said the events in D.C. were going very well and that there were tons of presenters presenting today. He also gave word that there would be a march today from the New York Times office to the U.N. this afternoon.

Also, CSPAN will not be broadcasting McKinney's 9/11 congressional hearing this weekend, but they should be covering it soon. All of the events today are being recorded by several people, including Gold, and he promised to let me know if he finds out where these will be hosted.

Correction... the march is

Correction... the march is taking place on 9/11/2005... sorry we got our signals crossed.

2005 Truth Convergence

Hi Jon. Thanks a million for

Hi Jon.

Thanks a million for the pics. Awesome. And Morgan Reynolds DID show up after all.

My only problem is - no matter what you think of them - it probably isn´t very smart to call people 'cocksuckers'. ESPECIALLY not when they happen to carry a banner that says basically what Peter Dale Scott, David Ray Griffin, Barrie Zwicker & Morgan Reynolds are saying too...

Thanks again.

Peter Kofod, Denmark

Peter... there is a reason

Peter... there is a reason for that. Apparently Victor Thorne, and Lisa Giulani made a movie called, the "9/11 Mafia" which denounced people like Kyle Hence, and David Kubiak.

Also, they brought an asshole to the Convergence...

There was a woman giving a lecture. Her story was that she had been raped 4x by military personnel, and the fact that they had gotten off with military technicalities.

The person I was referring to started screaminig, "Why don't you talk about 9/11 truth... why don't you say how it was an inside job..."


I was furious.

The purpose of wingtv is to denounce people who put HARD work into finding the truth.

Can you imagine... someone new comes along, and reads something Michael Ruppert, or Alex Jones has written. They think, "Oh my god, I'd better look into this... But first, I think I'll look into the credibility of these individuals." Low and behold, they come across WingTV, and see that Michael is this, and Alex is that, etc...

Then they think, "Screw this... these guys are a bunch of nutjobs...", and they go away.

That is not the purpose of the 9/11 Truth Movement is it? To scare people away? No, of course not. In fact, people who are "Disinformationists", which I don't know if they are, but people who are, their purpose is to hurt this movement. Scaring people away, hurts this movement. They are NO BETTER than "Disinformationists".

Peter, it's time to focus on Unity. It's time to stop fighting amonst ourselves, and focus on absolute truth, and absolute accountability. As long as there is "Bickering" within the movement, we will NEVER accomplish those goals.

I have a thread dedicated to what you DON'T want to see in the 9/11 Truth Movement. You can see it here:

What You DON'T Want To See In The 9/11 Truth Movement

In it, I post a letter I sent to WingTV. Here it is:

I think your site is a disgrace. You should be focusing on unifying the 9/11 Truth Movement, not splintering them into a million different pieces. By denouncing everything that Alex Jones, Michael Ruppert, and others are doing, you are hurting the movment. Yes, if you disagree with either of them, it is your right to question what they're saying. However, if all your site is based on is the harassment of those individuals, then I ask you now to close down your site, because it's only hurting.

Peter, I have devoted MY LIFE to this movement. Day in, and day out, all I do is try to think of ways to help this movement. I will NOT allow people to hurt what I, and MANY others, including yourself, have fought HARD for.

Please don't see this response as something you should take offense to. That is not my intention.

Hi Jon. No offense taken. I

Hi Jon.

No offense taken.
I agree to (most) of what you´re saying.

My problem is mainly about the actual word; cock******s. Most people are luckily unaware of these stupid infights, and I simply think that we shouldn´t sink so low, as to begin using the same tactics (I´m exaggerating to make the point) as 'they' are.

What happens when someone who never heard about Wing TV or their idiotic crusades, sees the pictures with the pretty good banner, and the title cocksuckers?

I´m not suggesting that you should write that they are great people or something like that... just cut the expletives(spelling?), write a clarifying text, or (my favorite I think) don´t give them any attention; remove the picture.

Just my 2 cents.

Peter Kofod
PS: Can´t wait to hear more about the convergence! Hope you´ll keep us updated. Thanks

Peter... I took the word

Peter... I took the word out. I was furious today...

Great Jon. Hope you enjoyed

Great Jon.

Hope you enjoyed the event anyway.


BTW... the speakers today

BTW... the speakers today were absolutely incredible. They didn't go over any new information really, other than the family members "Report Card", and Ray McGovern talked about this group of people who put up these symbolic mass graves for all of the fallen soldiers in Iraq. He talked about how the word "Fixed" means fixed, and people in the U.S. and the U.K. are WELL aware of that. Paul Thompson stated that his job is not to "theorize", but to get the facts documented for the people who do "theorize"...