Rove Opened Pandoras Box on Causes of 9/11

Letters | ROVE OPENED PANDORA'S BOX ON CAUSES OF 9/11 - Philadelphia Daily News

KARL ROVE did a dumb thing when he recently said that Democrats wanted to provide therapy and understanding to the 9/11 "attackers" while Republicans prepared for war. His ignorant, smoke-screen remark has allowed the book of "Official Story of the Sept. 11 Attacks" to be reopened.

Why did the Secret Service allow Bush to remain at Booker Elementary? There was an airport five miles from the school; did they just join hands and pray that no plane was hijacked from there?

Why did Donald Rumsfeld, after seeing the destruction in New York, insist that the attacks weren't over and that there would be another attack? Is he clairvoyant?

How is it possible that the same people whose flight-school teachers said they were unable to fly a plane suddenly become crack pilots, flying the Boeings at their structural limits, and executing difficult, professional maneuvers at the Pentagon?

How in the world did 19 men penetrate every single barrier put in place to prevent a 9/11-style attack from happening - including interception/shootdown by fighter jet?

And finally, but most important: When are the American people going to ask these questions - and plenty others - of their congressman, senators and president? If they lied about Iraq, what makes us think they told the truth about 9/11?



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