Daniel Hopsicker Responds to Attacks and Releases New Video

Daniel Hopsicker was recently the focus of an article on 9/11 in Florida. I thought I had posted a link to the story, but I can't seem to find it off hand.

In any event, Hopsicker, author of 'Mohamed Atta & the Venice Flying Circus', has posted a retort to the recent article on him. He has also released a new 15 minute video entitled 'The Secret World of 9.11: Hijackers, Heaven's Gate & 'Republican, Inc.'.

You can find both of these items on his site using the link below:
Terrorists' Hometown paper Discovers 9.11

The focus of his new video is the FBI and its representatives in San Diego, CA and their ties to 9/11 highjackers.

I am not too terribly familiar with the subject matter, but figured it was worth posting. Feel free to comment and add any related background information if you can.