Bush should be impeached

Bush should be impeached - Herald Bulletin

A few days before 9/11, Bush received an urgent memo from George Tenet. It stated that there was an imminent danger of a terrorist attack in the U.S. by hijacking airplanes. Bush said, since it did not give a specific day, time or location, there was nothing he could do. So, he took a vacation. You notice he was out of Washington on 9/11. Than, after 9/11, he did not want an investigation of the fact. I wonder why? Then, after the 9/11 Commission whitewashed him, he was all for it, like it was his idea.

I agree bushit should be

I agree bushit should be impeached but what good would that do? he's just a puppet, he's not running this country.

Even the police won't be bothered by a 911 call unless a crime has been comitted, so what did you expect bushit to do about a call with no day time or specifics?

I seriously doubt the people who planned 9/11 would tell bushit about any of it anyway. All bushit knows about 911 is what he's been told. He's quite braindead and a doofus imo.