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DZ: I know you're more into

DZ: I know you're more into 911 news than future prognostications, but the specter of a nukular 911-2 this month (Aug) followed by a tactical nuking of Iran, is getting alot of buzz from reputable alt media.

About Those Nuclear Attack Speculations

American Hiroshima Week?

LaRouche: Cheney's 'Guns Of
August' Threaten World

Iran Poised to Restart Nuclear Activities,1280,-5182004,00.html

Between Iran moving forward with their Oil bourse to sell oil in Euros (Venuzuela was going to participate too), and this Iranian Nukular threat propaganda all year, a NorthCom domestic nukular attack exercise this month, and a bunch of other factors, it seems TPTB planning a 911-2 very soon is most plausible.

Poopy, I am definately


I am definately worried about this very same subject.

Thanks for the links, I had a rant on this subject last week here in case you missed it:

Can someone please explain

Can someone please explain why David Ray Griffin continues to declare that some of the accused hijackers, including Wail (Wael) Mohamed Al-Shehri, are still alive?

JWG, I'm not sure of the


I'm not sure of the specifics as to which highjackers Griffin has referenced, or if he has just referenced the fact that several are still alive. I have his book at home, so I can look in his references if you would like.

One of the mainstream articles that pops to mind is this one here:

I'll try to look up his references tonight and post them to this thread.

Yes, I have seen the BBC

Yes, I have seen the BBC article (dated Sep 23, 2001).

The FBI initially confused the Waleed Al Shehri from Embry-Riddle flight school with the Waleed Al Shehri who was actually on the flight ( That was cleared up quickly.

The BBC lists Abdul Aziz al Omari as a mistaken identity, but the photos don't match those from the FBI. In fact, there are numerous photos of Alomari with Atta from an ATM and at the airport (google image search).

The BBC lists Saeed Alghamdi as being alive, but the Saeed Alghamdi on the flight was shown by al-Jazeera in a terrorist video (

Finally, the BBC mentioned that Khalid Al Midhar "may" be alive, but the picture they show is not the picture of the Khalid Al Midhar in the FBI photos (google image search).

JWG, I will get the


I will get the references and names Griffin quotes in his book tonight. If you want to write up a short article on the subject after I get that to you I would definately like to see it.

Thanks for the links, I will check them out this evening.

JWG, Here is the text of the


Here is the text of the 1 1/2 pages in his book where he talks about the highjacker's identities:

One problem is that at least six of the nineteen men officially identified as the suicide hijackers reportedly showed up alive after 9/11. For example, Waleed al-Shehri - said to have been on AMerican Airlines Flight 11, which hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center - was interviewed after 9/11 by a London-based newspaper.(1) He also, the Associated Press reported, spoke on September 22 to the US embassy in Morocco, explaining that he lives in Casablanca, working as a pilot for Royal Air Maroc.(2)

Likewise, Ahmed al-Nami and Saeed al-Ghamdi - both said to have been on United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania - were shocked, they told Telegraph reporter David Harrison, to hear that they had died in this crash. Al-Nami, who was working as an administrative supervisor with Saudi Arabian Airlines at the time, added: "I had never even heard of Pennsylvania." Al-Ghamdi said he had been in Tunis the previous ten months learning to fly an Airbus.(3) According to the BBC, Asharq Al Awsat, a London-based Arabic newspaper, also reported having interviewed al-Ghamdi.(4)

The Saudi embassy in Washington reported that three other alleged hijackers - Mohand al-Shehri, Salem al-Hamzi, and Abdulaziz al-Omari - were all alive and living in Saudi Arabia.(5) Salem al-Hazmi, who was accused of hijacking Flight 77, "had just returned to work at a petrochemical complex in the industrial eastern city of Yanbou after a holiday in Saudi Arabia when the hijackers struck," David Harrison reported.(6) Al-Omari, supposedly the pilot and Flight 11 but in reality working as a pilot for Saudi Airlines, "visited the US consulate in Jeddah to demand an explanation" for the US claim that he was a hijacker, and a dead on at that.(7)

In spite of these revelations by mainstream news sources, however, The 9/11 Commission Report simply repeats, in the first few pages (1-5), the FBI's original list of nineteen names, then later gives their photographs (238-39). The Commission's report fails to mention the fact that at least six of the identifications have been shown to be incorrect. The report goes into considerable detail about these six men (231-42, 524-525nn91,98,105,106), even speculating that Walee al-Shehri was probably responsible for stabbing one of the flight attendants on AA Flight 11 (5). How can we believe that the Commission's report was based on "exacting investigative work," as we were told by Kean and Hamilton in the Preface, if the staff did not even learn, from sources such as the Associated Press, the Telegraph, and the BBC, that six of the men originally identified as the hijackers were still alive? Of course, it is possible that the Commission did know this but simply failed to tell us. But would that not be worse yet?

1. Waleed al-Shehri, reports Thierry Meyssan, "gave an interview to the Arab-language daily, Al-Quds al-Arabi, based in London." See Thierry Meyssan, 9/11: The Big Lie (London: Carnot, 2002), 54

2. Associated Press, September 22, 2001, cited in Meyssan, 9/11: The Big Lie, 54.

3. David Harrison, "Revealed: The Men with Stolen Identities," Telegraph, September 23, 2001

4. BBC News, September 23, 2001

5. Meyssan, 9/11: The Big Lie, 54.

6. Harisson, "Revealed: The Men with Stolen Identities."

7. Independent, September 17, 2001
(; BBC News, September 23, 2001

That is from Part 1 (The Commission's Omissions and Distortions), Chapter 1 (The Alleged Hijackers).. i hope i didnt mistype any of it.. that is 1 section of 4 in that chapter.. let me know what you come up with.


Waleed al-Shehri:
"The brothers' pictures matched those released by the FBI, the Arab News reported. Their father, Mohammed Ali Asgley Al Shehri, a businessman, told Al Watan that his son Wael, 25, had psychological problems and had gone to Medina in December with his brother Waleed, 21, to seek help from religious officials for this problem. He said that they did not return from the trip and that he had not heard from them since...The brothers came from a family of 11 boys and one girl, the paper said. Wael had a degree in physical education from the Abha Teachers College, where his younger brother had also studied, according to their father."

Saeed al-Ghamdi:
Saeed Alghamdi trained in an Afghaninstan al-Qaeda camp.
Al Jazeera tape

Abdulaziz al-Omari:
"Married with one daughter 28 months. He was born in Hawran village at AlMakhawa County in AlBaha region (south west)...He left to Afghanistan in December 2000."
"In September 2002, Al Jazeera shows a similar farewell video of Abdulaziz Alomari... Alomari states, 'I am writing this with my full conscience and I am writing this in expectation of the end, which is near ... God praise everybody who trained and helped me, namely the leader Sheik Osama bin Laden.'"

Ahmed al-Nami:
"Alnami has been missing since December, and his family did not know his whereabouts, according to Al Watan, another Saudi newspaper...Al Watan quoted Alnami's father as saying that his son never returned from a pilgrimage to Mecca 15 months ago and had last called his family four months ago."

Mohand al-Shehri:
"His family told Al-Watan that he had gone to Chechnya to fight in the Jihad there more than a year ago. There was no information about him. He only contacted his mother during last Eid Al-Adha festival, when he told her that he was in Chechnya."

Salem al-Hazmi:
The younger brother of Nawaf al-Hazmi. He left with his brother Nawaf in March 2000 to Afghanistan.


It should be easy to demonstrate that these people are alive. Just match up their families, their personal history, and their photos. Right?

Has anyone done this? Or do people just keep repeating the same errors made by the FBI and some reporters early in September 2001?