Post Story on 9/11, Reichstag Similarities

Just noticed that has posted a story entitled The Reichstag Fire, 9/11, and Anthrax on their front page. Be sure to check it out, thank them for spreading the word, and add some good comments.

The Reichstag Fire, 9/11, and Anthrax

9/11 was an extremely pivotal event in the establishment of a Neoconservative America. It started one morning when four (4) planes were hijacked..... And from all accounts, it was an open and shut case. Although there was no 'half-naked person cowering behind the wreckage,' like the Reichstag's Van der Lubbe, there was, within a few days following the hijackings, amazingly detailed dossiers on each of the hijackers. Luckily, each of the hijackers left copies of the Koran, box cutters, and aircraft piloting manuals in the trunk of their rental cars parked at the airport. But even more amazing, on September 12, Senator Orrin Hatch said "the US was monitoring bin Laden supporters and overheard them discussing the attack." (Somehow, this little tidbit has always been lost in the shuffle. I wonder 'why'?).

Similar to Germany's Hitler, Bush also came to power with a minority of votes (remember, he didn't even win the popular vote in 2000) and has since exploited the terrible tragedies of September 11 in much the same way the Nazis exploited the Reichstag fire. Bush has used American fear and anger, which has resulted from the tragedies of 9/11 and anthrax, to push an extreme rightist (Neocon) agenda aimed at devouring civil liberties, muting dissent, fattening a war machine (see Halliburton and Bechtel), and arrogating the right to unilaterally attack other countries without tangible and/or legal provocation.