Flight77.info Posts Government Filing in Pentagon FOIA Request

The owner of flight77.info has posted the response from the government to his FOIA request for the confiscated videotapes showing Flight 77 hitting the pentagon.

Apparently the government is claiming that releasing these videos would interfere with the prosecution of Zacarias Moussaoui. I'm not exactly sure how releasing a video could interfere with that court case if what is contained on the video is the same as the official story.

Is this really a valid reason not to release the video footage to the public?

Releasing the video might

Releasing the video might show that the "hijackers" were not involved, allowing Zacarias Moussaoui a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card. To my knowledge, Moussaoui already plead guilty to the charges...


So... if he already plead guilty, all that's left is the sentencing. There really isn't much that could be damaged by releasing the video footage.

I've only skimmed the 23

I've only skimmed the 23 short pages, but it appears that the motion claims the prosecutor wants to preserve the "shock" value of the purported footage of the crash for the death penalty phase. Perhaps my intense curiosity shows, but this seems rather weak at first blush even on a "balancing of interests" level.

"Widespread dissemination of

"Widespread dissemination of this record could present signifcant harm to the government's criminal case."

Could that be because the Government's criminal case is full of crapola?

the full documents were

the full documents were posted here for anyone who wants to read the whole thing:

it lists specific reasons for not releasing the cdrom of survelance footage. this is new stuff though since they are saying they have specific footage of the plane hitting the pentagon..

basically it is national security reasons and the need to preserve the shock value for the sentencing phase of moussaoui.. i will be interested to see their response back to the government's letter.

what will be their excuse

what will be their excuse once the case is over?

their excuse once the

their excuse once the sentencing is over will be: " We cannot release the information now because the shock value has been seriously depleted, due to having used it all up for Moussaoui. We need this to remain secret so that the shock value can slowly build up again, hopefully in time for our next case."

I think they will release

I think they will release the video once they have have been able to digitally neo-create a video that actually fits the official line of "crapola" to use JG's eloquent choice of wording.

i think they'll just delay

i think they'll just delay his sentencing, therefore they will never be able to release it.

If the "hijackers" were not

If the "hijackers" were not involved, then how do you explain the fairwell videos of some of them shown on al-Jazeera?

not everyone thinks no

not everyone thinks no hijackers were involved.. i dont think this article says that anywhere.. i think the identities have been questioned, and yes, some beleive none were involved, but that isnt an opinion beleived by everyone by any means.

this is way off topic, but

this is way off topic, but does anybody know about the supposed indictments of Bush and Cheney by Fitzpatrick. It's almost like there's a news blackout, even amongst most (but not all) of the conspiracy sites.

Anonymous, I've seen what


I've seen what you are talking about. I did a bit of research this morning and I can't find anything to substantiate those claims.. so at this point it is sort of a wait and see type of thing.. from what i understand the grand jury doesnt convene until october anyways, so if any of it is true it will be a while before we find out..

also, you may want to checkout my post on tomflocco's forum.. i did a bit of research into the information and found that the federal building in chicago is over the blue line, not the red line of the chicago subway.. so for now i am writing it off as bunk, but to each his own.

anonymous, alex jones just


alex jones just referenced the subject you mentioned in his interview going on right now.. he thinks it is probably bunk too.

These videos should be

These videos should be released for prosperity's sake. Didn't this government learn it's lesson after JFK and the crucial evidence that was lost in the muck of bureaucracy. Obviously not...