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Slow day for 9/11 related news, but feel free to discuss whatever else may be going on.

WTC Evacuation Study

WTC Evacuation Study Reports

I came across this website:
which provides links to 2 No. reports (downloadable PDF's) which detail research into the evacuation of both WTC's.

The study documents are initial reports for PROJECT HEED (High-rise Evacuation Evaluation Database) which is being carried out by 3 British Universities (Greenwich, Liverpool & Ulster). The study states that it will collate & examine eye-witness responses, in order to understand human behaviour at the times of such large scale disaster events.

The study documents have UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (?!) on the front & so I would expect an 'official' 'nothing untoward to see here' approach, but to serious researchers, the documents would be worth some study.

Please pass on to whoever you think may be interested.

dz Thank you for the


Thank you for the information you have given to me and thank you for your patience. While I doubt we agree on much in terms of 9-11, you certainly seem fair-minded.

One thing I found very interesting about Griffin's complaints was the confusion about Atta. The workers at Shuckums have appeared to change their stories about Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi. I was wondering if any of them (like Tony Amos) have ever explained the revisions?

JWG, Unfortunately I am not


Unfortunately I am not an expert on that subject by any means.. i try to stay familiar with as much as i can going on in the 9/11 community, but I'd be the first to tell you I am not a master of details on certain subjects, especially ones involving names (thats always been my shortfall).

in any event, why dont you join up on and write up exactly what it is your wondering about, with some details, references, etc. that way me and others can have some time to research it, and we can have a discussion over a longer period of time than these topics on this blog which get updated all the time..

hope to see you there!

Rally from Truth Convergence

Rally from Truth Convergence thing on Guns and Butter right now, will be archived about 1/2 hour after broadcast.

Speakers so far have been, um, David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Dorothy Mackey (talking about rape and the military), some woman from Traprock Peace Centre talkin about DU usage, Jenna Williams talking about air safety/asbestos at ground zero/lower manhattan, and (woot!) Ray McGovern (ex CIA dude).

G&B archives at (updated more often than the actual site)

gorge noory had alex on last

gorge noory had alex on last night. please post if you can. And this

Morgan Reynolds also

Morgan Reynolds also speaking - appears to be the final speaker (for this broadcast anyway).

Also, there's this:

"Unwelcome Guests: 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later

Capitol hill briefing sponsored by Cynthis McKinney on the 9/11 cover-up - this hearing not covered by the corporate media 7/22 featuring: Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Lorie Van Auken, Mel Goodman, John Judge, Mike Ruppert, Wayne Madsen, Ray McGovern, Robert McIlvaine"

2 hours of speeches, plus Q&A session (basically an extended, fuller version of what appeared on INN).

Anyone notice the main site,

Anyone notice the main site,, of Jimmy Walter the funder of "re-Open 911" has a huge OWL at the bottom of the page? Illuminati-Babylonian symboism anybody? Has this been mentioned before? If so , sorry. Tired of eco-terrorists (and Peak-Oil pushers)like Ed Begley Jr. and Jimmy Walkter using 911 as a tool to sway the populace just like the neo-cons.