New Audio Downloads - McKinney Congressional Briefing, DC Truth Emergency Rally, and Alex Jones on C2C

Bunch of good new audio for people to download and listen to today..

First off there are 2 hour long MP3's posted from Cynthia McKinney's 9/11 Congressional Briefing, here. According to the description these recordings include Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Lorie Van Auken, Mel Goodman, John Judge, Mike Ruppert, Wayne Madsen, Ray McGovern, and Robert McIlvaine.

Second, a recording from the D.C. Truth Emergency rally was broadcast today on Guns and Butter. You can find the recording on their archives page under August 3rd, or access the MP3 directly here. This recording includes the following speakers: David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Ray McGovern, Morgan Reynolds, and others.

And finally, I am hosting a recording of Alex Jones' appearance on coast to coast last night here (RM 29mb), Jones starts about an hour in.

Thanks to Partridge for the submissions!

When you hear someone

When you hear someone whistling crazily... that's me...

Heh. Got another for you -

Heh. Got another for you - Again from Unwelcome Guests, posted today at

The Big Lies of the Fourth Reich
9/11 and the Pretexts for Wars of Empire

Speakers: David Ray Griffin, Ann Wright, Anne Norton, Peter Dale Scott, Wayne Madsen

I've only started listening to it, Griffin is up first, and it appears to be an extended version of the Truth Emergency rally broadcast on G&B yesterday. The others might be from other parts of the convergence though.

And I think I just heard Jon whistling :P

Yeah, seems like its a mish

Yeah, seems like its a mish mash of speeches/presentations from all over the weekend. Cool.

Actually, does anyone have any idea if there's plans to post all the audios from that weekend at all (not necessarily here, but anywhere on the web)? Maybe they're already up somewhere and I'm just too crap to find 'em?

I'm particularly interest in the OKC stuff, something I've only recently found out about.

Partridge, nothing full has


nothing full has been posted that i am aware of. says they will be posting more video clips soon though..

and i am also keeping my fingers crossed still for the congressional hearing in another week or two on cspan..

thanks for the alex post. I

thanks for the alex post. I look to 911blogger and put the site in the back of all the reopen911 dvds I hand out along with and jaCKBLOOD.COM. see the jfk bush connections on jacks site . in the media section