Sibel Edmonds Vanity Fair Issue - PDF

Just got an email with a link to download the Vanity Fair article on Sibel Edmonds. It was posted on POGO, The Project on Government Oversite, in this thread here.

You can grab the PDF file directly here.
EDIT: Download was taken down, you can grab it here now.

EDIT: This is definitely big news. While it is not directly related to 9/11, it does show proof to larger scale corruption in the FBI which is allowed to exist while the whistleblowers are fired and punished. Definitely worth the read, albeit a very long one.

Btw, the article was just posted on here. Hopefully they will continue to press this issue throughout the day tomorrow.

Edmonds has given confidential testimony inside a secure Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility on several occasions: to congressional staffers, to investigators from the O.I.G.; and to staff from the 9/11 commission. Sources familiar with this testimony say that, in addition to her allegations about the Dickersons, she reported hearing Turkish wiretap targets boast that they had a covert relationship with a very senior politician indeed - Dennis Hastert, Republican congressman from Illinois and Speaker of thte House since 1999. The targets reportedly discussed giving Hasstert tens of thousands of dollars in surreptitious payments in exchange for political favors and information. "The Dickersons," says one official familiar with the case, "are only the tip of the iceberg."

I wish they had gone more into the information she knows related to 9/11. Browse the favorite articles for more on Sibel Edmonds.

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Hey thanks for the link to the pdf of the article. I have to say I haven't even read it yet but I have a grin from ear to ear. Having only read the title paragraph which immediately provides the reader information that has been kept from the public domain. If the rest of the article is even remotely as revealing as the intro, America had best be ready for an awakening....and it's about damned time!
Thanks to Sibel for her continued patriotism. Her selfless efforts have put her as well as her family here and abroad in signficant danger. I think of her often and her courage is inspiring!
I am off to read it now. If it disappoints I'll let you know. ;)

i noticed the PDF got pulled

i noticed the PDF got pulled today, i should have a copy at home, i will double check and try to provide a link to anyone who needs it.

added the PDF download above

added the PDF download above in the article for anyone interested..


hastert, dickerson,livingston, are all paid stooges of the turks.a complete investigation should be conducted for the the the countrys good. how can you represent a country who stabbed us in the back;during the Iraqi invasion. i would rather dig ditches, for money.