Radio Interview with William Rodriguez

cullhavoc has posted an interview from yesterday with William Rodriguez, WTC Maintenance Worker and Hero.

You can find the mp3 download on his blog here.

Haven't listed to it yet, making my way through the audio from yesterday right now.. let me know if it is worth listening to.

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Hey dz, ya must be doin'

Hey dz, ya must be doin' something right, you got a troll of your very own. :D

Remember to nurture and feed him or he'll disappear...

Actually, having just read the comments on his blog, he's not even a troll, he's just a blogwhore.

hehe, sweet!

hehe, sweet!

Hey, this William Rodriguez

Hey, this William Rodriguez interview is pretty good, sounds like he'll be on again on the 15th.

He mentions some noises he heard on the 34th floor which should have been vacant at the time.

He also mentions the bombs going off on floors below him as well as the elevator door being damaged from the bottom up.

I think the content of the

I think the content of the audio is great, but I just didn't find it a real engrossing interview. So, IMHO, either it's best for researchers looking for more details, or for those who would find that his accent makes it easier, rather than a little harder, to follow. (or maybe I just need to get more sleep)

If you click on the pic of Morelli at the bottom of you'll hear about some huge machine press on one of the basement levels which was dislodged, obviously by a below-grade explosion (and not by an oversized aluminum bird hitting the steel tower 1/5 of a mile away, as the government would have us all believe).