Weekend Open Thread

I will be out of pocket this weekend, so if you come across any 9/11 related alternative news while I am out please feel free to post it.

Open thread, have at it.

Robin Cook Dies Click

Robin Cook Dies

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Robin Cook is the gentleman who recently told us that "Al-Qaida, literally "the database", was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians."

Here's a 3min audio clip of

Here's a 3min audio clip of Kyle's question, and the "answer".

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CIA Leak: Patrick

CIA Leak: Patrick Fitzgerald's Boss 'To Be Replaced By Former Bush Classmate'

This is going to be released within the next 24 hours by Newsweek.

www.bradblog.com Cynthia


Cynthia McKinney is about to be on....


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Thanks for takin' up the

Thanks for takin' up the slack, Jon!! Now for a little Take Back The Media:

clip from "Trading Places", 1983
clip from "Network", 1976
TV Mind Control
7/7 conspiracy-overview music video, 17 mins

ps: Windows users, for a _fabulous_, tiny, all-in-one labor-of-love fully-functional donationware video player that does quicktime, realplayer, wmv, mp3 and more, try this gem:

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.34 (23.0 MB)

couple items, both re the

couple items, both re the 'nukular august' (fake-911-2, nuke the Persian patsies in response) thing which many are speculating on. For the uninitiated, Jesse of tvnewslies writes up a nice overview at

1. I've heard there's a bittorrent file out there with this description:

"This powerful 11:00 minute clip is taken from Coast to Coast AM on August 2, 2005
George Noory says he believes the GLOBALIST'S are going to nuke an American city to bring about TOTAL WORLDWIDE CONTROL!
Mr. Noory has never said this before. Coast to Coast is the 2nd biggest radio show in the country with more than 15 million listeners at one time.
Something tells me the effect of this is going to be huge because Mr. Noory is probably going to try to the best of his ability, shift the show in the direction of real and serious issues.
I suggest you download the whole interview from this tracker."

Perhaps blogger can grab it and host it here for the peer2peer challenged? Sounds big indeed... Noory's historically been coy about his 911/et al beliefs, but we really heard him come out of the closet with the recent Alex Jones interview, and now this...

2. Jesse of tvnewslies has done up another essay re the 911-2 speculation. He guesses they may take out Emperor aWol, and also looks to Chicago as a likely target... here 'tis:


I'm glad yesterday 8/6, 60th anniversary if Hiroshima, passed quietly. When was Nagasaki, 8/9?

Whoopsy Daisy, that 8/2 CtoC

Whoopsy Daisy, that 8/2 CtoC clip above is Noory with Alex Jones, & 911blogger already hosts the whole 4 hour show:


Perhaps you could preview the clip, and decide whether to post it separately.. given that the C2C show you already host is so long and NOT commercial free!

Here's C2C's writeup on the Jones show:

Please read this. This is

Please read this. This is Former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook's resignation speech. Given on March 17th, 2003.

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The Pentagon Allowed Osama

The Pentagon Allowed Osama Bin Laden To Escape From Tora Bora - Newsweek

Ok... the "perpetrator" of the 9/11 Attacks was allowed to escape by the Bush Administration.

I'll say it again.

The "Perpetrator" of the 9/11 Attacks was allowed to escape by the Bush Administration.

One more time for those of you who can't hear me....


It's gUd we let 'em go!

It's gUd we let 'em go! Those glory days when our bombers were cutting lazy doughnuts in their sky? It was stressin' Osama OUt!

How bin Laden's huge convoy gave American forces the slip
Afghans still marvel that 1,000 cars and lorries escaped in the night

The Airlift of Evil

US helped Taliban to safety, magazine claims

Secret Pakistani Airlift Aided Taliban, Al Qaeda Fighters

Forgive and forget!

thanks for keeping me up to

thanks for keeping me up to date everyone :) im back, lets hope for some new (good) news this week!