9/11 ON TRIAL Article in the Daily Mail

This is a rather lengthy article briefly covering a range of topics from Operation Northwoods, the 'collapses' of the two towers, the confiscated pentagon tapes, LIHOP vs MIHOP, etc. It offers a rather specific 'conspiracy theory' which a lot of people will disagree with, but I felt the article was worth mentioning.

Apparently this article is in response to their new book entitled '9/11 Revealed: Challenging the facts behind the War on Terror'. You can find the official site for this book at 911revealed.co.uk, and you can find the amazon page for the book here.

If anyone picks it up and gives it a read let me know.

Worth mentioning??? It´s

Worth mentioning???

It´s the single best mainstream article discussing 9/11???

It doesn´t matter what these guy might/might not write in their book... this is from THE DAILY MAIL!!!!


you can find scans from this

you can find scans from this article in their publication here:

sorry peter, over here the

sorry peter, over here the daily mail isnt something I am too familiar with I suppose..

is this a major publication over there? sorry for my ignorance! :)

It´s ok dz. Yeah; it´s

It´s ok dz.

Yeah; it´s a MAJOR publication. I think it´s the second largest newspaper in the UK...: