Rant: Remember 9/11, it Justifies Everything

Arg. I just read an article by a journalist named Gordon Sawyer that really hit me the wrong way, you can find it here:

Remember Pearl Harbor ... Remember 9/11

Here are a couple quick samples of what he considers 'Remember[ing] 9/11':

I think it fair to say America is not unified in this war on terror we are fighting. When was the last time you saw a picture of the Twin Towers in New York crashing down with almost 3,000 American civilians inside?

Like that parallel? We're not unified because we don't remember 9/11.

America is in a war we did not create. We were brutally attacked in New York, in Washington, D. C., in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our allies have been attacked in London and Madrid, even in Lebanon and Egypt. For those who think we cannot lose this war, let me suggest you pull up in your mind's eye the horror of New York's trade bowers as they canoe thundering to earth with American citizens inside ...and have the courage to say: I Remember 9/11".

Like that comparison? You see we were brutally attacked without warning on 9/11, and because of 9/11 we are 'in a war we did not create'. See, it makes complete sense, we didn't want to be in Iraq, it was all because 'those people' attacked us on 9/11! It's the same reason were in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.. Oh wait, we're not.. nevermind..

Apparently this journalist is completely unaware of pre-9/11 Iraq war plans, and has no intention of actually remembering 9/11 (government failures, ignored warnings, investigation coverups, etc.) but really is just trying to align 9/11 with supporting the troops.

If you don't support the war, then you don't remember 9/11, and you probably don't support the troops either.

It takes a lot for me not to tear into this guy, but I don't want to violate my own rules of not using profane language, so I will leave it up to you all to read the whole article and contact him.

p.s., you may want to check out his other great articles such as "Old Dubya" Gets Congress Moving as well, they will show you the true depth of his objectivity.

This guy will be getting a

This guy will be getting a reply tonight.

one from me also

one from me also

well, i think most of us who

well, i think most of us who are wanting some true media change realize that we can read all the articles we want, but it's the action that we need..

thanks for sending in letters.. i'll be writting mine here shortly.

Mr. Sawyer... I read your

Mr. Sawyer... I read your article today, and I would like to touch on a few things if you don't mind...

The phrase, "Remember Pearl Harbor" is the equivalent of our Politicians saying the phrase, "September 11th", or the words, "Terror", "WMD", and Terrorists". How many times did we hear those phrases during debates, press briefings, newspaper articles and so on? The purpose of phrases like "Remember Pearl Harbor" is to instill a "Patriotic Binge" in the American public. To make us fearful, controlled, and hungry for war.

In regards to the amount of times I've seen the pictures of September 11th, 2001, I can tell you this. I happen to be a member of the "9/11 Truth Movement". It's safe to say that I've seen those pictures countless more times than you have. I am ALL TOO FAMILIAR with that day, and if you REALLY want to discuss it, I'd be more than happy to. However, don't tell me that I've forgotten that day. I've devoted my life to finding out what happened before and after 9/11 because I don't want to see it happen again. I don't want to see individuals holding up pictures of loved ones in the hopes that they may still be alive.

You're right. We, the people of the United States did not create this war. However, the actions of ours and other Governments did.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Jonathan Gold

Here's my post, feel free to

Here's my post, feel free to copy it and send it in if you don't have time to write your own letter:

Hello there, this is regarding your article on 8/8/05 which can be found here:


The following statement: "America is in a war we did not create" reminds me of the following CNN article where it was shown that the facts were being "fixed" to justify war in Iraq.


Furthermore, it also reminds me of the following UPI article in which the Bush Administration deliberately blocked the release of an article entitled "9/11 report: No Iraq link to al-Qaida" long enough to ensure war with Iraq:


Then there is this CIA report discussing Iraq's WMD program available here. We all know how that ended up:


So I will repeat your statement again: "America is in a war we did not create".

I would beg to differ.

Now seeing that 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and none of them were from Iraq, then where is this alleged war on terror? Aside from the bombing of Afghanistan in the fall of 2001, there has been none, unless you call the mass rape of our personal rights and freedoms via the Patriot Act a war on terror.

And then I consider this article from the Washington Post that states Iraq is now a breeding ground for terrorists:


Well, if Iraq wasn't a threat before, they certainly are now.

Maybe instead of scolding us for not supporting the non-existent war on terror, maybe you should support those of us that have been wronged by the Bush Administration.

People like Cindy Sheehan who lost her son: http://www.cnn.com/2005/POLITICS/08/07/mom.protest/index.html

And the 9/11 Widows: http://www.911independentcommission.org/questions.html

Bravo gentlepeople! Concise,

Bravo gentlepeople! Concise, respectful, sourced, logical, passionate. Excellent!

I sent this to him and his

I sent this to him and his editor...

Dear Gordon,

There is a reason why corporate media won't show the towers crashing down, and it isn't because liberal elites are trying to keep it off the air.

First of all to suggest the media is liberal is a big conservative lie. If it were liberal, they would be asking questions about all the things that don't make sense, like why was the ISI director having breakfast with Porter Goss and Senator Graham on the morning of 9-11? Why was this general Mahmoud Ahmad dismissed after Indian intelligence linked him to a payment of $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, the supposed ring-leader of 9-11 attacks? Why did the US ask him to be let go instead of being brought to America to be put on trial for financing the attacks?

This is just but one question that was never answered about that day. In fact, the 9-11 Commission completely ignored it.

Speaking of the 9-11 Commission, which billed itself as independent, why didn't the media question this independent claim, when it was discovered that the person leading the investigation for the commission was in fact part of Bush's transition team in 2000 and had written a book with Condi Rice. Others on the commission sat on the board of directors for various airlines, which was one industry that suffered greatly from 9-11 attacks. (if you remember the lobbyists for the airline industry were asking for relief while the bodies of great Americans were still smoldering in the aftermath of the attack).

Does that sound independent to you?

The liberal media would also examine and question the lying that has been done to get us into Iraq (no WMD, no al-CIAda link), the Downing Street Minutes, the forged Niger document, which led to our national security being compromised when someone in the administration decided to out one of our undercover agents, every piece of info that vindicates all the anti-war movements reasons for not going to war. Since you are a part of the media, do you consider yourself liberal?

No, the reason why corporate media (the very term corporate contradicts the term liberal) does not show you these images is because if people were to look at them closely and at slow speeds, Americans might begin to learn that all is not well in America. At slow speeds, demolition squibs are definitely noticeable, which would put a serious dent into the outrageous claims that fire alone brought down these 3 buildings. Yes, three! If you do not recall, wtc7 fell that evening, but it was not struck by a plane and the fire was minimal. No, if they showed the images, Americans might begin asking how on this day 3 steel structured building were brought down by fire when in the history of steel buildings, none have ever fallen because of fire...not before this day and not after. Only on this day did it happen.

Hell, the owner of WTC7, Larry Silverstein admits to pulling wtc7 in a PBS documentary called "Rebuilding America". To pull, means to bring down a building. If they "pulled" as he says in the interview, it would be quite hard to explain how explosives were put into the building so quickly. They can't!! It takes days to place all the charges in the right spots, so how could they have just "pulled" it down?

You may be stirring the pot that most Americans are unwilling to see. I applaud you for it because people need to know. They need too know that we as Americans have been lied to. They need to know that the government does not care about individual citizens. For historical reference i point you to the George Washington Universities website for National Archives, which links the now unclassified document titled "Operation Northwoods" which proves the government has thought about terrorizing it's own people to convince them to go to war (see- http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20010430/northwoods.pdf).

America needs to know. Maybe you can help.
Ray Scroggin

Nice job everyone!!! Maybe

Nice job everyone!!!

Maybe someone should point out to him that Bush had asked the media to stop showing the towers collapsing because he didn't want the public to see the evidence--- I mean become traumatized by the images.