Atta Tracked Prior to 9/11 - Further Follow Up

A lot of articles related to the Army Intelligence group 'Able Danger' tracking Atta and others prior to 9/11 were posted while I was out of town. There were so many articles posted that I really can't do much to summarize them, so please check them out and feel free to comment on anything you find in them worth mentioning.

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Army Intel Unit Exposes Massive FBI 9.11 Cover-Up - MadCowProd

Congressman Wants Another Look at 9/11 Commission Probe

Rush Limbaugh: Media absent on 9-11 scandal

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9/11 Panel Explains Move on Intelligence Unit - 911CitizensWatch

An open letter to the former 9/11 commissioners: Another whitewash won't do - Online Journal

Rush Limbaugh is a piece of

Rush Limbaugh is a piece of work. He's angry at the 911 commission because they're covering up Bill Clinton's responsibility for not preventing 911? This commission, while a study in covering up if there ever was one, is composed of about half Democrats. And they did a fine job protecting George Bush's rear end, as much as anybody else's! Gee whiz, Rush, this bi-partisan coverup of bi-partisan and non-partisan treason doesn't bother you, but finding yet another issue to shoehorn into your "it's Clinton's fault" box does! Say, you've got an enviable intellect! How'd you get to be so smart?
It's too bad he's too cowardly to take non-dittohead calls. There are so many 911 aware citizens out there, they'd quickly nail his pompous, propangandistic behind to the wall, and keep doing it on a daily basis.

yeah, i thought it was

yeah, i thought it was interesting to see his comments.. i cant stand the guy, but if he is saying the commission was a fraud then thats fine by me, it will just add to the media attention..

Rep. Curt Weldon

I think Rush being in the

I think Rush being in the ring taking aim at the Cover-Up commission may be a sign that this talk about foreknowledge of Atta is just another part of this ever growing scam. Think about it. David Griffin makes clear that it's altogether unlikely that there were any hijackers at all. Decoys at flight school maybe but actual hijackers? I don't know I just feel something fishy about it.