CSPAN To Air 9/11 Congressional Hearing + More

C-SPAN will be broadcasting the entirety of the McKinney congressional briefing on 9/11

Representative Cynthia McKinney organized a day-long briefing on July 22 to address the 9/11 Commission's Final Report one year later. The event included leading victims' family members, former government and intelligence workers, academics and authors speaking on the flaws and weaknesses of the 9/11 Commission's investigation, assumptions, omissions, conclusions and recommendations. It was filmed in entirety by C-SPAN.

C-SPAN has now set some times and dates for airing the event. They will air on C-SPAN2 from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm on Wednesday, August 31 and from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am on Friday, September 2.

Further details on the 2 parts being aired and what is contained in each part can be found in the link above or on CSPAN's schedule here and here.

Also, pictures from the congressional hearing have been posted to truthemergency.us. You can find them here.

You can also find the audio from several speaches from the D.C. Truth Emergency event at truthemergency.us as well.

Allan also sent in a transcript from the speach given by Laurie Van Auken, a 'Jersey Girl', from her testimoney at the 9/11 congressional hearing. I found it already posted here on a gnn.tv blog, be sure to check it out!

EDIT: Further details on the hearing here:
9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - Did They Get it Right?

The McKinney hearings are

The McKinney hearings are 911 FAKE
opposition galore. This is evident in how the participants described the hearings themselves,
IN THEIR OWN WORDS, proudly proclaiming that:

"not a single panelist at the event, which included 9/11 family
members, former intelligence and government workers, whistleblowers
and academic experts, raised any allegations that the Bush
administration arranged the 9/11 attacks."

Suggestions to the contrary, the participants call "defamatory remarks".

These participants, get this, believe that what's being covered up about 9/11 are "personal failures" to heed

"no one has been held accountable at any level for what was not an
"institutional failure" nor a "failure of imagination" in relation to
the 9/11 attacks, but personal failures to heed multiple and explicit
advance warnings of just such an event in the United States."

Here's the link to the McKinney participants' letter to the editor where I got these quotes from:

And here's the list of McKinney participants who signed that letter to the editor:

Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D.
Ray McGovern
David MacMichael
Paul Thompson
Nafeez Ahmed
Elaine Cassell
C. William Michaels, Esq.
Dr. John Nutter
Anne Norton
plus whoever "CM" is.

So, if you feel like wasting time or want to spread 911 official story crap to others, watch the McKinney hearings and pass on the link to others.


911 Truth Movement Musings (Watching the Watchers)

Angie... what did I tell you

Angie... what did I tell you about that?

As I told you on

As I told you on 911TruthAction's site Angie... the reason they didn't list Bush as the culprit was to lend credibility to their proceedings, and not come off as a "Witch Hunt" for Bush.

Angie... you are hurting the movement, and I can't emphasize enough how much I would like you to find a new one.

You are an angry individual who thinks that "Confrontation" is the way you're going to bring attention to yourself. It's the same formula WingTV uses, and it's the same formula letsroll911.org uses.

It is time to STOP the bickering within the movement. Without unity, we have no clear message. Without a clear message, we have no voice.


Angie, I notice you didn't


I notice you didn't mention Michael Ruppert. Have you seen these two articles on his website about these hearings?


Where can I get this video?

Where can I get this video? It's September 6 and I still can't find it anywhere.