More to the Pre-9/11 Put Options? High 100 Dollar Bill Circulation in August 2001?

Must-reads for budding fraudsters - Financial Times

One interesting question remains unanswered: what role did terrorist financing play in the build-up to the attacks of September 11 2001? There are two pieces of evidence on this point. First, during the days immediately prior to 9/11 the volume of put options, investments that pay off only when a stock declines in price, surged in the parent companies of American Airlines and United Airlines. According to a footnote in the 9/11 commission report, this unusual trading had no connection to terrorism.

Some people remain suspicious, and have pointed to a second piece of evidence: the dramatic spike in US dollars - particularly Dollars 100 bills - in circulation in August 2001, one of the three largest monthly increases in 50 years. This surge might have an innocent explanation. But it might also indicate that people with advance knowledge of the attacks were hurriedly withdrawing cash.

Is it possible that terrorists profited from inside information in advance of their attacks? The US government insists the answer is no, but it is hard to imagine that terrorists who are savvy in using shell companies and offshore trusts to hide the identity of their contributors would not also think of trading on inside information or withdrawing cash early.

This is the first I have heard about a surge of $100 dollar bill circulation prior to 9/11. This article is from the Financial Times, so obviously this is more than just a 'conspiracy'.

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