NYTruth.org Organizes Events for 9/11/2005

Announcement from NY 9/11 Truth and the L.E.S./WTC Truth Movement

On Sunday September 11, 2005 we will march from the offices of the New York Times (near Times Square), passing other major media headquarters on the way to a rally and concert at the United Nations. We will demand that the International Criminal Court (ICC) open an immediate investigation into the unsolved crimes of 9/11.
The march may or may not result in an article in the New York Times, but that is hardly the point. The march will be witnessed by many thousands of people in Manhattan and by the hundreds of international journalists who will be in town for that week's General Assembly of the United Nations. And it will galvanize many future actions in defense of truth and justice.
In Case You're Wondering:

  • Yes, the Times is open on Sunday, otherwise there wouldn't be a Monday paper.
  • We are not begging the corporate media who have covered up the reality of 9/11 to suddenly change course. Rather, we want to serve notice to them that millions of people are aware of their failures and complicity, and are organizing themselves.
  • Our rally at the UN will appeal to the new International Criminal Court to perform its stated function, and is not directed at the Security Council or other UN institutions that many people consider illegitimate.