Open Thread - Taking Action Everyday

A few months ago I had asked for suggestions for this site. A couple that stuck out at the time were adding prominent links to articles which might be good for newcomers to those that question 9/11, and another being ways for people to take action who believe in the cause.

I've been giving some thought as to the best ways that this site can promote activism beyond just listing a calendar of events, occasionally running blogads for important events, and suggesting users email authors of the articles posted here. I think a lot of people who believe in the fight for 9/11 truth spend a lot of time reading articles, watching videos, etc., and while being aware of 9/11 related news is important, what is most important is taking action to bring 9/11 truth to light.

One of the things that comes to mind is organizing a section of resources such as existing flyers, petitions, and contact information for government and media outlets. Figuring out how to organize these things and where to place them on this site is another question..

What other ways can this site promote activism, or serve as a resource for activism beyond what this site is currently doing? What articles already exist on the best routes for activism in the fight for 9/11 truth?

Please post any helpful comments or suggestions you might have.

here is a current action

here is a current action item for those interested. apparently the Washington Post is one of the sponsors of the Rumsfeld 9/11 march to support the Iraq war.

Here is their contact info:
Mr. Bo Jones, Publisher
The Washington Post
1150 15th St NW
Washington DC 20071

You can find an article on this subject here:

There's a new site called,

There's a new site called, which lists rallies, and marches, etc... I've tried to submit the 9/11 march, but it wouldn't work for me. Could someone else try it please. Thanks.

I'm a fan of Deception

I'm a fan of Deception Dollars:

I bought & dispatched 4000 this Spring, which I ordered direct from Carol Bruillet (sp?) for $100. The artwork on these is amazing and the coloring/printing top quality; they definately get picked up, inspected closely and kept by people. I'd load up newspaper racks with them, the free weekly rags, sticking one between each paper. I'd put them in whole trains of shopping carts at the grocery stores. And I'd roll them loosely and stick them in the driver's door latch on cars. You can just drop them on the ground if you want, and watch people spot them and scurry to pick them up. Hey these suckers are brilliant, and you should keep a stash of them as they'll surely be more valuable than $1 Fed Reserve Notes soon. I can only fantasize of how many people got the DDs I dispatched, followed through checking out the websites featured on them, woke up, and spread their frightening new knowledge to their family & friends.

Ya... Deception dollars are

Oh yeah, also on DDs,

Oh yeah, also on DDs, apartment complex mailbox panels- easy to slip them into a whole slew of mailboxes very quickly.

And universitys, you can just litter them around. Put them on the chairs in empty classrooms, scatter around the hallways, student union tables/chairs etc.

Best to try to reach a more educated demographic- obviously daily internet surfers are critical, as the DD payload is all in the websites shown. If they're less than literate & curious, a DD has no chance of waking them up. You'll wake up more DD recipients at Starbucks and Whole Foods than at McDonalds and Wal Mart, knowhatamean? Target your presumed demographic for maximum "wake up ratio" results.