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Today on my way back to town I took the time to listen to Sean Hannity (yes, that Sean Hannity). What caught my attention was that he was talking about the 9/11 coverup! I was unfortunately dismayed to hear that his only arguement of a 9/11 coverup was the recently popular 'Able Danger' articles. Hannity told his listeners that this was proof positive of Clinton knowing about the 9/11 Hijackers prior to 9/11 and doing nothing to stop it. Now I'm not here to get caught up in the left/right paradigm of politics, and I'm definately not here to defend Clinton, but the irony of his statements were worth mentioning. While I can't find a transcript of his show, here is a brief paraphrase of what he was spewing from his mouth, hopefully you can see the irony.

You've got the media focusing on Cindy Sheehan when there is now 100% proof that there was prior knowledge of the 9/11 hijackers being in the country and plotting. The media is completely ignoring the most important story out there, and you know if this same evidence said that Bush knew of the hijackers that they would be all over it.

Errors of Commission - The hijacking of the probe into the 9-11 hijackers - The Village Voice

Whether or not U.S. military intelligence was prevented by Pentagon superiors from alerting the FBI to the presence of Mohammed Atta in 1998, there is little doubt the U.S. was well aware of the infamous hijacker by then. The Republican right wing is raising the Atta issue at a time when Bush is sinking in the polls, people are fed up with Iraq, and there are continuing questions about the administration's handling of 9-11 and the war on terror. One way to take some of the heat off is to shift the blame to Bill Clinton.

Navy Officer Affirms Assertions About Pre-9/11 Data on Atta - NYTimes
No Evidence of Atta Claims, Pentagon Says - Washington Post
9/11 ringleader was 'identified' in early 2000: US Navy officer - AFP

9-11 commission chair wants Bush response

Time magazine reports Thomas Kean wants President Bush to confirm whether a document linking Atta and al-Qaida was given to Deputy National Security Adviser Steven Hadley by Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa.
Kean said he's tired of defending the commission and wants proof the document exists. He said it was never given to the commission.

I think the reason is

I think the reason is twofold... take the focus away from Bush, and put it towards Clinton.

Sean Hannity is such an idiot, that if he's told to push the 9/11/Clinton rhetoric, he honestly doesn't know that there's a REAL Conspiracy behind 9/11, and he pushes it.

"Sean Hannity is such an

"Sean Hannity is such an idiot..." ??

An equally plausible hypothesis is that:

"Sean Hannity is such a whore that if he's told to push the 9/11/Clinton rhetoric, he honestly doesn't care that there's a REAL Conspiracy behind 9/11 that he can easily investigate, and he pushes it."

In fact, I think this last is more probable, as I have never gotten the impression that Sean Hannity is dumb.

Most of the "left alternative media" has not pursued 911 truth, either (see I've never gotten the impression that they are dumber than John Q. Public. In fact, I think most journalists are smarter than average.

When journalists, who are normally also detail-oriented, studiously avoid point by point refutations of most of the best facts and arguments pointing to MIHOP and LIHOP, I can't help but believe that there is something more sinister going on than they're being dumb.

It may be something

It may be something sinister, but there may be other things going on, like groupthink, weakness, people willingly putting on blinders, etc. Nazi Germany had sinister elements, but they were enabled in part by weakness.