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William Rodriguez, a 9-11 Survivor - The Conservative Voice

A press release was sent to all of the print media in the Chicago area about a month in advance of this event. There was a very tiny isolated notice about the event in one of the Chicago papers. Surely the local newspapers would wish to interview the participants on such an important subject as 9-11. But, only one Hispanic television station sent a journalist and a camera. So we must assume that the other Chicago news organizations have already determined exactly what they desire their readers to believe about 9-11. Let's not deviate from the government version and confuse people with the truth!
William spent hours testifying before the 9-11 Commission behind closed doors. His testimony as an eye witness does not appear anywhere in the 576 page report. But after all, Bush told us who did it, so why bother to examine the evidence or talk with the witnesses. The only agency that was allowed to investigate the circumstances of the event was FEMA.

The National Institute of Safety and Technology (NIST), an independent investigative group ignored his plea to tell his story. He contacted them four times but never got a response. NIST was funded by the government which gives you a pretty good idea of just how subjective their findings were. They were paid $35 million dollars and the investigation lasted two years. The taxpayers certainly did not get their money's worth.

William Rodriguez also contacted the FBI who never followed up. The media was not interested. CNN spent a day filming and interviewing him at his home but when it was shown the following day it was thoroughly edited. Some reporters have subtly warned Rodriguez to keep quiet as he could jeopardize his life. They said "You do not know who you are dealing with!" He already looked death in the face and he will probably continue to courageously tell his story. He is speaking the truth and he is speaking it for his friends. He says: "I am living on borrowed time since I probably should be dead anyway."

Now this is kind of nice to see. While the 'left' in general avoids discussing 9/11 like the plague - heaven forbid they get the label 'conspiracy theorist' put on top of all the other slanderous labels used towards them - it looks like the right isn't scared, and that is fine by me.

"While the 'left' in general

"While the 'left' in general avoids discussing 9/11 like the plague"

and i don't understand why they do, it befuddles me.

just looking at the dailykos website and reading the threads of discussion in relation to "able danger", they continue to believe that people were not allowed to share info, even with all the evidence to suggest that many different agencies were getting the same info, but no one could share it and therefore no one could act...ridiculous.

they talk about PNAC and Able Danger, and the 52 FAA warnings, and still believe in the incompetence theory...yet we know the vary nature of PNAC dogma was the transformation of the military being a slow process absent a new pearl harbor...but they can't make the connection between PNAC getting exactly what they wanted and potentially allowing the tragedy to happen or helping it to happen to enact their agenda.

i think a slow dribble of posts highlighting these exact points might help those people wake up and see the light...i've been reading some of the posts and they are so close to the truth.

What is deal with

What is deal with progressive media? Who gave them the stand down order as far as 9/11 truth goes?

And how is it possible that not one member of Congress has been bothered with a guilty conscience? How are they keeping all these people in line? I know 9/11 insider info was compartmentalized but A LOT of people know things.

Could it be related to Senator Dayton's BIZARRE announcement before the '04 election, when he said that he was moving his office out of D.C. because "IT WASN'T SAFE?"

What the F*** did Dayton find out?