DailyKos Diary Member Tackles Able Danger Scandal

Must Read! The Neo-Con Able Danger Scandal -- Atta Coverup! UPDATE 5

Intel agents Tony Shaffer and Scott Philpott have confirmed Rep. Weldon's claims that a chart with Atta's face, soon the photos of 3 other members of the 9-11 terror team, were known to DIA team Able Danger by early 2000.

This diary will show that Pete Schoomaker and Philip Zelikow are two of the main Perpetraitors in this scandal, that they deliberately withheld information from the President of the United States that would have prevented 9/11, that they and their neo-con rulers Let It Happen On Purpose.

Of this there can no longer be any doubt.
The heroic intel agents of Able Danger repeatedly tried to get the FBI to roll up the cell but were stopped by the secret neo-con cell within the Clinton Administration, especially General Pete Schoomaker, in command of Able Danger--and who was later asked by Rumsfeld to come out of retirement and replace Shinseki in 2003 as Army Chief of Staff!
Schoomaker repeatedly told Philpott and Shaffer that they could not inform the FBI as DoD lawyers had opined that Atta's Green Card made him a "US Person", that the so-called "Gorelick Wall" prevented talking to the FBI--even though Atta was part of al-Queda. Shaffer and Philpott were actually ordered to put yellow sticky pads over the faces of the 4 terrorists on their Analyst Notebook chart and act as thought they don't exist.
So Schoomaker and the Pentagon lawyers blocked the Atta Chart and request for arrest of the "Brooklyn Cell" from going to the FBI, Clarke and Clinton--who would have acted on it--and 9-11 would likely have never happened, with 3 of the 4 pilots and the leader of the gang arrested.

But then the neo-cons stole the election and came into power proper with Bush, Rice and Cheney. Rice, in charge of the transition, demoted Richard Clarke on Jan. 5, 2001, with the assistance of Philip Zelikow, who later became Executive Director of the 9-11 Commission! Like Schoomaker, Zelikow has now been rewarded with a plum job, directly under Rice at State.
Philip Zelikow committed treason, when as Executive Director, he was directly told about Able Danger, then he and his direct staff covered up the information from the rest of the 9-11 Commission as they have said they were never told about it. When the Able Danger agents called up the Commission 10 days before the publication of the Report, they were blown off for the umpteenth time.

Very interesting article, go check out the whole thing and check out all the comments as well.

I don't think there's been

I don't think there's been any doubt for awhile now.

Somebody just needs to cover it but that sure as shit ain't gonna happen.

1)Bush had all the

1)Bush had all the intelligence he needed to prevent the attacks. Too bad he had no intention of doing so. IOW, Bush was in the loop.

2) More STAGED conflict between the Pentagon and the 9/11 Commission. The 9/11 Commission had all the information they needed to prove US government complicity in the 9/11 attacks. Too bad they had no intention of revealing the truth.

I have come to recognize

I have come to recognize that "LIHOP" must stand for LImited Hang-Out Practitioner

"hijackers" were neither necessary nor sufficient (nor sufficient!) to account for what happened to the WTC on 9/11!

"hijackers" were only necessary as a strategic ingredient in the official legend of 9/11 in order to give us all a shadowy enemy to hate, and the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex a pretext to wage illegal aggressive senseless/oil wars 'forever'.

So, all these stories trying to blame Atta (or, for that matter, NeoCons - Dems could have blown the whistle on this scam in the succeeding years!) for 9/11, and the U.S. intelligence community for not paying enough attention to Atta/Osama beforehand, are part of a limited hang-out disinformation campaign.

The government+media said "hijackers did it". The 9/11 Commission Report says "hijackers did it". That recent National Geographic special said "hijackers did it". Popular Mechanics and Scientific American would have us all believe that "hijackers did it". 9/11 sites such as Paul Thompson's cooperativeresearch.org say "hijackers did it".

I say, "bullshit!". (see 3 links, above)

On 9/11, Atta was a tactically-irrelevant dupe/patsy, at most. Studying him now is a red herring, at best.

When will We The People overcome our fear and hatred and realize that, if there really were any Muslim hijackers involved in 9/11, that they themselves were [also] hijacked?