Jersey Girls Sick and Tired of 9/11 CIA Report Being Blocked

Regarding the Release of the CIA Inspector General's Report post- 9/11

Statement of September 11th Advocates
For Immediate Release -- August 25, 2005

We are deeply disturbed to learn that an investigation of the CIA, conducted at the direction of the Joint House and Senate Congressional Intelligence Committees in 2002, will not be declassified and released as soon as possible.

This report presumably discusses failures within the CIA and identifies performance deficiencies among high-ranking CIA officials. The findings in this report must be shared with all members of Congress and with the American public to ensure that the problems identified are addressed and corrected, thus moving to restore faith in this agency.

We call for the immediate release of this report. To shield CIA officials from accountability and to continue to cover-up deficiencies in that agency puts the safety of our nation at risk. Four years post 9-11 this is truly unacceptable.


September 11th Advocates

Kristen Breitweiser
Patty Casazza
Monica Gabrielle
Mindy Kleinberg
Lorie Van Auken

I thought the CIA 9/11 report was just being withheld until after the election? Hrm, what a surprise, it is still being blocked today.

I can't help but wonder if fingers started to be pointed and blame was placed that those fingers might quickly start pointing higher and higher up to the top levels of this administration, the same ones in charge of the quagmire in Iraq. I don't see any other logical explanation as to why this report continues to be withheld when it so obviously pinpoints major faults that allowed 9/11 to occur.

However, I think the CIA's

However, I think the CIA's

However, I think the CIA's report may name incompetence, and not complicity.

Everyone remember that Kristen Breitweiser said, "all hell is going to break loose" if this report isn't released. If it is decided that it will not be, or if it's decided that a "limited" version will be released with NO NAMES, then we should do everything in our power to back her up.

yeah, im sure the report

yeah, im sure the report argues incompetence.. my point is that if you point the finger at someone they will usually defer the blame to someone else if they feel it wasn't actually their fault..

eventually those who are pointed at as responsible may point up the ladder and blame higher ups so as not to take the fall for others direction.. so eventually it could end up setting off a chain reaction of finger pointing eventually reaching the upper levels of the administration..

Oh, the publicity is

Oh, the publicity is INCREDIBLE... I can't believe they're taking the chance.

If the report blames Tenet

If the report blames Tenet (who IMO is likely complicit in 9/11) then the immediate question is...WTF did Bush give him a Medal of Freedom?

I'd love to hear Bush attempt to answer that one.