9/11 Accusations Fly Within CIA

9/11 Accusations Fly Within CIA - CBS News

CIA Director Porter Goss must decide whether to heed the recommendation of his top watchdog to hold disciplinary reviews for current and former officials who were involved in faulty intelligence efforts before the Sept. 11 attacks.

But CBS News has learned that all of the former top CIA officials singled out in the inspector general's report have already filed strong rebuttals to the agency.

The officials named in the report — including former CIA Director George Tenet — view the inspector general's report as "wrongheaded and wildly off the mark," a former intelligence official told CBS News correspondent Peter Maer.

Despite that, the official, who is close to Tenet, said the report will "send a chill" through the CIA, which he describes as already "devastated."

Sounds to me like if this report is released there will be a lot of arguing as to whose 'fault' 9/11 really was, nobody wants to be the fall guy. So what are the chances this report is actually released?

the guy who won the freedom

the guy who won the freedom medal was wildly off the mark?

no, say it isn't so.

Blame the CIA for

Blame the CIA for intelligence failures? That's a new one.