Congressman Weldon Claims Able Danger Documents Ordered Destroyed

BREAKING!!! - Weldon Says Records Were Ordered Destroyed!! (Able Danger)

Congressman Curt Weldon (R - Pennsylvania) gave another exclusive interview to Dom Giordano this evening (Monday) and broke the news that he will be giving a speech on September 8th (next Monday) during which he will present yet another 'Able Danger' witness. This new witness will attest (and will swear under oath when called) that he was "ordered to destroy records" relating to the 'Able Danger' program.

This order to destroy the records occurred prior to 9-11-01. Weldon intimated that it happened during the Clinton Administration. The witness, who Weldon did not name, says that he was ordered to destroy records and was threatened with jail if he failed to comply. Weldon said that he has the names of the people involved, including the person who gave the order, and HE WILL NAME THEM in his speech.

..Weldon also said that he will do whatever he has to do to make sure that ALL the facts come out and that the process "is not manipulated".

Curt Weldon is like a pit bull on a steak. He expressed disgust with the "incompetence" of the 9-11 Commission and said that the victims of the 9-11 terror attacks deserve answers. Weldon is determined to see that they get them.

So at what point do we connect the Clinton administration obstructions with the Bush administration obstructions? I am all for uncovering the coverup, as long as it is the whole coverup. I wonder if congressman Weldon is willing to admit the coverup spanned both democrat and republican offices?

"Weldon intimated that it

"Weldon intimated that it happened during the Clinton Administration"

is not equivalent to the statement that

"Weldon intimated that it happened during the Clinton Administration with Bill Clinton's full knowledge and approval, or anybody in his Cabinet"

Overall, this is good news, but if it stops at proving that Able Danger's utility was compromised (by DOD lawyers), without questioning the lawyers and finding out why they did such a thing, then the usefulness of these revelations will be greatly (mostly, I believe) diminished.

I believe in MIHOP 100%, and the plot most definitely inolved DOD black technology. (See ) Clearly, some of our top military people were involved, and their treason had nothing to do with Party politics. However, whether you believe in LIHOP or MIHOP (or even Oops, for that matter) this is much bigger than Democrats and Republicans. Personally, I wouldn't get worked up at all if SOME Democrats get part of the blame.

Navy Commander Chope claims

Navy Commander Chope claims that "there is no evidence" that military lawyers blocked the sharing of data with the FBI.

Well, either Chope or Shaffer is lying, and I'd put my money on Chope being the liar. Technically, Chope may be correct because EVIDENCE of lawyerly intervention may have been destroyed or conceivably never existed. However, by now Cmdr. Chope should have done his homework and should KNOW whether Shaffer is lying. Thus, either Shaffer is lying or Chope is "lying" (i.e., misleading) by telling the truth.

... Weldon did not say why

... Weldon did not say why this person would be disclosing this a week from now... rather than just now.

Are they selling tickets for this thing or something ?

Congress was supposed to be

Congress was supposed to be out on vacation for another week or so. They came back early due to N. Orleans becoming part of the Gulf of Mexico.