Evening Grab Bag

There are a few articles that definately demand checking out, so here is a grab bag to keep you busy.

20 Things We Now Know 4 Years After 9/11

We know that 9/11, regardless of the degree of complicity you believe the Bush Administration was guilty of, was seized on by Bush&Co. as the event that would be used to justify all that would follow domestically and in foreign/military affairs. The evidence indicates that, at the least, the highest circles in the White House knew a spectacular attack was in the works in the days and weeks preceeding 9/11 -- warnings were coming into the White House from a host of foreign leaders and intelligence agencies -- but chose to do nothing, presumably to make use of those events in the service of their hidden agenda.

The dangers of keeping secrets - St. Petersburg Times

Now the Bush administration is using the privilege to block Edmonds entirely. Think about how dangerous it is if whistleblowers who bring attention to internal mismanagement that hampers our intelligence efforts have their careers destroyed and are left without recourse. How many more insiders would be willing to come forward? How about none.

Edmonds, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, is asking the Supreme Court to take up her case and sharply narrow the state secrets privilege. In the long run, transparency is what keeps us safe and free. President Kennedy may have understood this, but George W. Bush is no John Kennedy.

More DC Truth Emergency Videos
A lot more videos have been added since my last update, check them out. Hopefully more videos will appear soon, specifically from the workshops that were held.

Proof Bush knew about 9/11 attack before leaving hotel for Booker Elementary School

If the Secret Service was in direct contact with the FAA after the World Trade Center was attacked (8:46 am) as Dick Cheney alluded to in the Meet The Press interview, why was Bush allowed to enter that school and remain there literally like a sitting duck until shortly after 9:30 am?