Announcing the 911Blogger Shop

Welp, you knew it had to happen. I've been wanting some new shirts to wear, and figured the best shirts I could wear would be those that spread the word about 9/11. Most of the shirts are being sold as cheap as I can, but a few have a noted donation attached to the price. While the prices are a bit high after shipping that is because these aren't being made in bulk, but rather when you order.

I have a few designs available as well as a few 'quote' shirts. I will be adding new designs as time goes on, and I want to hear some feedback. If you have any 'quote' shirts you would like to see, or any other requests please email me by clicking 'Suggestions?' under the shop banner on the left panel.

I hope you will check out the shop. Keep in mind this is just a starting point. After all, I had to at least get a few done to have something to wear this 9/11 ;)

fixed the lease owner/holder

fixed the lease owner/holder issue in the shop (not in the topic yet).. keep the suggestions coming!

AWESOME!!! I am definitely

AWESOME!!! I am definitely getting me some of those!!!

Everybody and I mean

Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY is getting one of these shirts for Christmas this year!!!

(Unless the ecomony goes in the shitter and I'm out of work, which is a distinct possibility thanks to our commander in chimp).

I have a suggestion. Put

I have a suggestion. Put on it. :)

thanks for the comments

thanks for the comments somebigguy! i just ordered a bunch of them today and i will post once i have a few in my hands and can get some action shots ;)

right now i am mostly interested to see the quality difference in the vector versus bitmap images and how that relates to the cost as well.. once i have some in my hands and get my logo submitted in vector format there will be more entries. got any ideas you would like to see?

Hey, WTC Lease Owner should

Hey, WTC Lease Owner should actually be WTC Lease Holder, I believe.

Put or something on the back like Jon says so someone who sees the shirt knows where to go for more info. Then on your website have pictures of each of the shirts so people can click on their shirt which brings them to a detailed analysis of what that shirt actually means.

I got a good one, a shirt

I got a good one, a shirt that says: "Bin Laden Determined To Attack" and underneath it say "Presidential Daily Briefing August 7, 2001".

Of course my facts are wrong, but you get the point.

Or maybe "Bush Knew", like my flyer.

We have also recently begun

We have also recently begun making our own 9/11 T(ruth)-shirts (if the self-proclaimed 'leaders' won't lead, they can follow!).

...lacking dz's graphic artist skills, our shirts, so far anyway, are pretty simple. Further, we're not selling them, we are GIVING AWAY the patterns (templates) you can use to make your own! (All it takes is an ink jet printer and some special iron-on transfer paper, some scissors and an iron. Our page provides links to help you find everything you need to get started.)

On 9/11 you can carry a banner, but you can wear a 9/11 T(ruth)-shirt every day if you want to!

Please visit for samples and ideas...