Updated Bomb Montage Video

Frank from South Carolina just sent in an updated version of this bomb montage video with normalized sound and more video clips.

Click the image above to check it out. Thanks Frank!

This 12-minute video is very

This 12-minute video is very much Public Domain. Many thanks to mypetgoat for getting this montage started. Please update / revise / compress / improve etc. as desired and keep passing it on. I used Windows Moviemaker, it's very easy to learn. If anyone can convert to Quicktime and other formats, please do so. Most of the video clips came from http://terrorize.dk/911/witnesses/

At the absolute minimum, this montage shows there was an awful lot HIDDEN from us. In the midst of our rage, guilt and shame for our beloved New Orleans and our American neighbors there, let's not give our Rulers any slack. Put this video on a DVD and pass it out like mad. Cock one eye and challenge your recipients in your best Vincent Price voice "But if you arE afrAid-- I undersTAnd."

South Cahlina still has some Rebel yell left in it

Early in the montage a

Early in the montage a female officer states that the 2nd tower is coming down. Do you know where that video clip came from? I notice it has background music added- Which caused me to think about the upcoming movies that are in production currently. I think we may need to really find more/new ways to get through to people and soon. Or we could be facing an impossible task when they hit the screen.

Effective Immediately:

"The only difference between

"The only difference between the chaos of New Orleans and a 3rd world disaster operation, he said, was that a foriegn dictator would have responded better."

unknown broadcaster

PhoenixDv, the

PhoenixDv, the musical-female-officer clip was in the original montage, and I don't see it offhand at http://terrorize.dk/911/witnesses/ ... you may have to ask the folks at mypetgoat.tv .

While I'm here may I suggest to anyone interested, http://www.videohelp.com/ as a place to learn about making DVDs and such. Good place for reference/faqs etc, although with something like Nero, making DVDs is very simple. My per-DVD cost is around 70 cents with cover and 10% "coaster" ratio (bad burns). I've been running with the theory that "Electronic media creates reality-- electronic media creates, your mind." That motto is like the corollary to "The American people don't read" (former CIA director Allen Dulles) and comes from this amusing flash http://www.nuku.com/movies/android_00.swf

No need to get into another battle of egos, hand 'em a disc, cock one eye, "But iF you are afRAid..." and move on!

the link (from clicking on

the link (from clicking on the image on the main page) http://911blogger.powermediahost/videos/wtc_bomb_montage.wmv is NG

thanks for the heads up!

thanks for the heads up!

This is a FANTASTIC montage!

This is a FANTASTIC montage! If you tech wizards can figure out how to make the sound quality better (the original montage at MyPetGoat was alot less buzzy and easier to hear), I will distribute this FAR AND WIDE!