Inventive Methods of Spreading 9/11 Information

I've gotten a bunch of emails from people out there spreading DVDs and a couple of them came in this week which I thought were inventive ways to spread information. Perhaps these will give others ideas as well.

This one involves spreading the word on Halloween:

Scary Holiday for 9/11 Perpetrators

Hey all, less than two months until Halloween, hard to believe, but it will be upon us before we know it.

When the little kiddies come knocking on our doors this year looking for goodies, lets give the adults a treat too, something in the form of 9/11 Truth. Maybe it will be a flyer, maybe a CD filled with audio and video, or maybe even stickers or badges that say 911=Inside Job. When the parents search through their children's haul that night, they will be in for quite a surprise.

There is no shortage of flyers available on the Internet that can be used, here is an example of one:

If you feel like making some CDs, here are some videos you may want to consider including:

For stickers and buttons, try here:

Use your imagination, there is no limit to what we can do with this, just keep it somewhat tame, we don't want to scare the children, which might upset the parents as well and our message may be lost.

Think about it, some of us get hundreds of children every year, if hundreds of us distribute truth to hundreds of families on Halloween, we could have an incredible impact. Try to include a web address with your message so interested parties can follow up on their own.

If we do this right, this could be the scariest Halloween of all for the 9/11 perpetrators!!

Another email I received was from a user who handed out 60+ copies of his 9/11 DVDs at the nationwide Cindy Sheehan vigils which took place a few weeks ago.

It's great to get emails from people spreading information, keep up the good work everyone!

You will find downloadable

You will find downloadable patterns you can use to print signs or even iron-on T-shirt transfers at

(it's about time, eh?)

Really love the blimp!

Really love the blimp! Wonder what it would cost to hire an airplane to tow a banner along the coast?

EVERYONE should have a 9/11 Truth bumpersticker ... or two ... or three. is an excellent resource. Slap them up all over.

Get the large "Stop The 9/11 Cover-up" signs (just $.80 ea.)

Put them on chain-link fences around construction sites, etc.

Think globally. Act locally.