Marathon 9/11 Truth Teach-In In Madison on 9/9

Got the following email about an upcoming event on 9/9 in Madison, WI.

2nd Annual Marathon 9/11 Truth Teach-In
U.W.-Madison Library Mall, 9 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday 9/9/2005

Madison, WI —MUJCA-NET (the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth) is pleased to sponsor the second annual Marathon 9/11 Truth Teach-In this Friday, September 9th, on Library Mall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Since the first teach-in last year, tremendous progress has been made in publicizing the now-indisputable fact that the 9/11 Commission Report was a massive whitewash. David Griffin’s book The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions has conclusively proven that the Kean-Zelikow report is, as Griffin puts it, “a 567-page lie,” and that the most plausible motive for the report’s demonstrably preposterous lies was an effort to cover up “high crimes in the highest places.” Harper’s magazine, in its cover story “Whitewash” last fall, made the same point, and a growing list of academics, historians, and ex-top US officials have openly charged the Bush administration with 9/11 treason. The Bush Administration’s top economist in the Department of Labor, Morgan Reynolds, resigned last year and wrote a blistering article marshalling the evidence that the three World Trade Center buildings were destroyed in controlled demolitions with explosives in an “inside-job” scenario. Reynolds’ charges were supported by Paul Craig Roberts, a former high-level Reagan Administration official who is listed by Who’s Who as one of America’s 200 most influential political thinkers. And former high-level CIA official Ray McGovern—who, like Reynolds and Roberts, is a Republican—also finally “came out” as a 9/11 truth supporter, crediting his conversion to David Griffin’s books.

In a development that is especially pleasing to MUJCA-NET, which was founded by Muslims in an attempt to reach out to Christians and especially Jews, a growing number of prominent Jewish Americans have been willing to publicly speak out on 9/11 truth. Rabbi Michael Lerner, an early endorser of the 9/11 truth movement, has agreed to contribute an essay to the forthcoming book 9/11 and the American Empire: Jews, Christians and Muslims Speak Out. That book, to be published next year by Interlink, will be co-edited by the celebrated Christian theologian John Cobb, Jewish scholar Sandra Lubarsky, and Muslim MUJCA-NET co-founder Kevin Barrett.

9/11 and the American Empire will borrow its title from David Griffin’s April 18th 2004 speech at U.W.-Madison, which was broadcast nationwide on C-Span and has gone on to join Jimmy Walter’s Confronting the Evidence as one of the two biggest 9/11 truth DVDs in worldwide distribution. (Griffin’s talk, sponsored by MUJCA-NET, brought the packed room of 450 people to their feet in a protracted standing ovation; if you missed it, DVDs will be available at a huge discount at the Teach-In.)

This year’s 9/11 Truth Teach-In will also link 9/11 to the related issues of skyrocketing energy prices and the New Orleans disaster, arguing that 9/11 truth is quite literally the only thing that can save the world from the coming “long emergency” (James Kunstler) of peak oil and climate change. 9/11 doubled the military budget and launched “the war that will not end in our lifetimes.” Yet that war must end—NOW—and the Pentagon budget must be radically reduced, so that all available resources can be focused on meeting the environmental-energy challenge. We need to bring our troops home, disband most of our military and start protecting our coastal cities, developing energy alternatives, rebuilding our railroads and planning for $10-a-gallon gasoline NOW. There is only one way to generate the political will to do this: Discredit imperialism and militarism by showing that it was our own High Command that murdered almost 3,000 Americans to double its budget and launch its coveted wars on 9/11/01.