Open Thread: Familiarity with NY?

I've been pretty busy down here in Baton Rouge but have been trying to maintain my usual website monitoring. A lot has been said, and will be said, about how the disaster in New Orleans directly relates to 9/11, from the lack of preparation, to the lack of response, etc.

In any event, I am getting ready to go to NY for 9/11 to attend a few events. I just got word that David Ray Griffin will be giving a talk at Grace Cathedral on 9/11 in NY. Hopefully I will find out the exact times soon.

I am a newbie to NY, so if anyone can provide suggestions on where to stay cheap, the best ways to get around, and the best airport to fly into it would be much appreciated. I plan on at the very least attending the 9/11 memorial at ground zero and attending Griffin's speech as well.

This is an open thread, feel free to discuss whatever.

Have a good trip, and watch

Have a good trip, and watch out for all the pedigreed 9/11 gatekeepers you're bound to run into there, such as the ones who (same as the 9/11 Commission) pretend that the 5 Pentagon Video Frames do not exist, and the ones who (same as the 9/11 Commission) pretend that the Naudet video "flash frame" does not exist, and the ones who (same as the 9/11 Commission and that recent National Geographic propaganda piece) blame 9/11 on "Osama" and trace 9/11 back to caves in Afghanistan.

Actually, one of the bigger differences I've noticed between the 9/11 Commission and the gatekeepers who've hijacked the 9/11 truth movement is this: The 9/11 Commission totally ignored Bush's incriminating 9/11 witness statements, while the 9/11 gatekeepers, who are misleading the 9/11 truth movement, minimize and totally dismiss Bush's incriminating 9/11 witness statements.

Those gatekeepers are pretty easy to spot, not only by their suspect, government-like 9/11 stances, but they're extra-friendly, too. This helps keep honest 9/11 truthers from even considering that these self-proclaimed 'leaders' could be agents who are not truly interested in seeing the whole truth about 9/11 becoming widely known.

Fuck Off "Dave"

Fuck Off "Dave"

i do my best here to stay

i do my best here to stay out of this stuff.. i want people to post comments, but at the same time i dont want hateful arguements and such either.

you guys can take any arguements or discussion of 'gatekeepers' elsewhere. as far as i am concerned any group that holds vigils every weekend for over a year trying to spread the word of questioning 9/11 deserves a bit more respect than some give.

as for the 5 frames, i listened to an interview (posted a few links down) which was hosted by a guy from and he and david ray griffin discussed those 5 frames.. if you have specific greivances with them, what they cover, or what they focus on, that is your opinion and you are more than welcome to it. but to think that any 1 group in the 9/11 movement is somehow keeping the truth about 9/11 from coming out is rediculous, the people doing that are the mainstream media and our government officials.

in any event, both of you guys are more than welcome to post here, but if it becomes an issue you both will be banned from commenting, this site is for spreading information to newcomers and 9/11 experts as well, not to be a public display of arguements within the different 'clicks' that some tend to focus on.

Sorry dz... you are

Sorry dz... you are absolutely correct in pointing out everything they DO do. Weekly vigils are a huge commitment to make.

dz are you sure about the

dz are you sure about the venue of David Griffin being Grace Cathedral as I beleive that is in San Francisco there is a Grace Church as a matter of fact theres a few Grace Churchs in NYC buroughs. Grace ChurchNYC is having an event at 1pm which seems to go with the planned timing of the March. Grace Church Brooklynn Heights doesn't have a schedule but one of the persons affiliated with the church is John Cobb whom is also Professor at Claremont and therefore might be the location that David Griffin would be speaking at. Any further clarification?

PhoenixDvl, I got the info


I got the info from's upcoming event site here:

unfortunately all it says is:
Sunday, September 11

A David Griffin talk at Grace Cathedral, NY organized by MUJCA sympathizers.

I emailed Kevin but have no response yet. I am going to email him again tonight, perhaps you should email him too so he knows we really want the info!

Is there more here than

Is there more here than meets the eye?

"blimp pilot" posted 4 sentences which did not diss anyone except the 911 Commission, at least not by name. The post only mentioned suspicious behaviors. By following the links I now understand that 911citizenswatch has acted as a gatekeeper by failing to mention a glaring overt 911 Commission Report omission in its 149 pg response "omission report".

The replies by "Jon Gold" and "dz" really intrigue me.

"Jon Gold" made a worthless emotional reply and then "dz" said he does his best to stay out of it doesn't want hateful arguments but if one hateful chap tries to make it into one then two will be banned? That doesn't seem right. "dz" also says that some group ("blimp pilot" did not mention any) deserves so much credit for what they do, like they are above suspicion. But by that same logic the people who cannot conceive of the President of the United States being involved in 911 are right. IOW having too much respect for someone is just another kind of gatekeeper by preventing you from ever thinking bad things about that person.

911 truth newcomers do need help sifting through the overload of info and in 2 sentences "blimp pilot" helped me to see + connect some dots. kudos to "blimp pilot" for sharing his view.

Keep your eyes open: I am

Keep your eyes open:

I am speculating that FEMA actually or someone one working for the Bush criminals blew up the levees. All three broke at once, pretty much. It will be hard to prove but there are claims that people heard explosions the night of the flooding. Remember they were saying that the brunt of Katrina actually missed the city. They could have just been waiting for any hurricane large enough to blame this on.

Frazzeled you will get us

Frazzeled you will get us all discredited even further with that kind of conspiracy theory talk. And I couldn't agree more with you- I have no doubt that the willingness to cause such distruction obviously is not out the question for these guys. I haven't had the balls to say so but I had mentioned the night before Katrina when the news was ranting about the "catastrophic damage that was looming" I was furious that night just a gut feeling it was a set up some how. Then well we all know the history. Really it isn't that difficult to imagine the scenario of as you said waiting for a storm to hit and then putting the plan into action. So know they have another 60Billion and rising. They have displaced the poor many whom will never be missed and certainly easily lost. My concern now is those that fleed to shelters elsewhere and the talk of diseases that haven't been around in a 100 years. At first they said that the evacuees were free to come and go from the astrodome but yesterday I heard they will be locked in between 11pm and 5am. I am afraid there will be one morning when none of them are alive when they open the door and it will be claimed that they had some wierd disease that sweeped through the dome. Of course add the fact that we will have no way to know the actual number dead from the flooding left in NO since FEMA is banning the media from filming the dead. How hard would it be for the crooks to have loaded buses with those that had survived and then when they were dead just add those numbers to the total count since no one will know the difference. I am glad that I at least am not the only nutcase that may have realized the possiblity of those that had already proven their willingness to murder. Nearly 3000 in one major attack and countless thousands more with the manipulation of the epa reports, use of depleted uranium in iraq killing 100's of thousands of Iraqis and slowly killing off our military at the same time. God help the human race.