Mecca News PDF of Australian 9/11 Article

Special thanks to David for the link to the entire newspaper, which devoted 2 pages to 9/11.


Check it out:

conservative voice sorry if

conservative voice sorry if you have it posted here have been out of the loop

this is very imporant break thru IMHO

ya, i posted that a few

ya, i posted that a few weeks ago.. definately an interesting development.. i like the idea of the 'right' jumping on the 9/11 bandwagon since alot of the 'left' is too damn scared to talk about it.

dz please stop spelling

dz please stop spelling 'definitely' wrong, its driving me nuts

ehhe, i use the spell check

ehhe, i use the spell check when i post, but they don't have one for the comments section.. i definitely could use it..

hey look, i spelled it right!