The 4th Anniversary of 9/11

It is now two days until the 4th anniversary of 9/11, two days from the anniversary of arguably the turning point of our lifetimes. This year many different events will be held in remembrance of 9/11 from the now standard memorial held at ground zero with a moment of silence for each time that a plane crashed, to a pro-military march put on by Donald Rumsfeld, to numerous groups of people demanding accountability and asking questions about what really happened on 9/11.

I personally will be in NYC, in part to grieve for those that died on 9/11, and in part to show my support and document all of those that are questioning 9/11, something which I, like many others, have dedicated over the last year of my life to.

With the upcoming 4th anniversary we will be inundated with 9/11 related articles. One of the most intriguing parts of this anniversary will be the wide variety of articles and how incredibly different 9/11 will be represented across America and around the world. One might think that an article just analyzing the wide varieties in which 9/11 will be editorialized this year would be as interesting to read as any individual story.

While in general most of us who question 9/11 will be overrun by 'official story' drum pounding, the best we can hope for is that for every article written using 9/11 to justify wars around the globe a matching article will be written explaining government corruption related to 9/11.

I will keep my fingers crossed that maybe, and I mean maybe, this year will be the first year in which those that question 9/11 and want some serious questions asked will have a voice in the press, even if it is a weakly represented one.

See you in NYC.

Have hope... Democracy In

Have hope...

Democracy In Action 9/11 Vigil

This is a major Philadelphia news station.

ausome stuff gold, thanks

ausome stuff gold, thanks for the video.

perhaps those not going anywhere for 9/11 can press the 'liberal' blogs to cover any of the 9/11 alternative articles that come out this weekend?

off topic, I just came

off topic, I just came across a fascinating video, linked over at :

Arab and Iranian TV, Various Countries ~ Video Compendium of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Good article published at

Good article published at

9/11: Cold Case

Great article -- and great

Great article -- and great to see it as the cover story. Now if only the NY Times or another major newspaper would do the same.... they don't dare (unfortunately).



"Activists have not only to oppose the warmongers and fascists, but also their controlled opposition, i.e. cointel-pro stylish (David Kubiak/Russ George connection and many other disturbing background details), disillusionalists like Fintan Dunne, fearmongers like Alex Jones/GLC, sensationalists like Heneghan/Webb, psyOP fronts like, insider con artists like Karl Schwarz or Mike Ruppert, but basically everyone who denies psychological and visual deception within our society, which had been the framework for 9/11.

As long as these issues are not clearly addressed, any kind of 9/11 research remains just "popcorn" research.

The US mainstream media is already trimmed for any controlled opposition and fake debates.
Part of the original script for 9/11, was to keep the media under control from military interest groups."

Pictures From The Ground -

fyi, just in from

fyi, just in from 911citizenswatch, ...


Today, Sunday, September 11th at 7:06PM E.S.T., ABC News Radio
Affiliates on the east coast will air a 1 hour pre-recorded special featuring
author and theologian David Ray Griffin, 9/11 survivor and RICO suit
plaintiff William Rodgriquez and 9/11 widow Lorie Van Auken, who recently
presented at Congresswoman McKinney's Congressional Briefing on July
22. The program will for the first time on a major new news network give
voice to the those who have challenged the 9/11 Commission's findings,
who have suggested a pervasive cover-up or the involvement of
government conspirators.

The program will re-air hourly at 8:06, 9:06, 10:06, etc. this evening.
It has already been aired by two affiliates and is now available to
over 3000 affiliates nationally.

Please tune in, record the show, and let ABC know that you are
interested in similar programs digging deeper into the challenges posed to the
official narrative for the events of September 11th.

Please take a moment now to email your friends and colleagues and let
them know about this encouraging breakthrough.

For a list of affiliates please visit


For four years the Bush

For four years the Bush administration has EXPLOITED 9/11 for political gain. How is it that no one in Congress has had enough and tried to spill the beans? Even Cynthia McKinney is cautious not to say things like inside job or complicity.

Is anyone in Congress or the MSM burdened with guilt for covering up the mass murder of citizens by elements of the US government?

They are, unfortunately

They are, unfortunately nobody is listening:

i am back. what a trip.. for

i am back. what a trip.. for those wondering i must've walked 10+ miles yesterday and i went to bed at 11pm and got up at 2:40am this morning to catch my flight..

i will have some videos in the coming days as well as a few other things, but for now i need to recouperate and get some sleep.

thanks for all the comments!



Welcome back! You the man!

Welcome back! You the man! Did you give Guiliani hell?

Thank you and all who made

Thank you and all who made it there, dz. It must have been quite the honor and privilege!!! Salute!

sorry for the lack of

sorry for the lack of updates yesterday, i am back and will be posting all day today.. luckily i am on vacation all of this week, so today i will catch up on all the links and articles sent my way and then head to the store to get what i need to get these video tapes downloaded, edited, and uploaded.

thanks for your patience!

dz I made it there as well.

dz I made it there as well. Man oh man I am just now waking up myself. How far did we walk?? I am so sore but so glad I went. I thought the turnout was small at first hangin out there at the Times...but then as march on and on our numbers grew I have no idea the total but it certainly was nothing that the media should have ignored. It was cool because my hotel room had a birds eye view of the gathering at 1:00. I wish I had had a banner made to drop from my window which actually opened from the 45 floor.